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WWE: Money in the Bank Predictions


WWE: Money in the Bank Predictions

WWE: Money in the Banks Predictions by Anthony Davies

This Sunday sees WWE present their annual Money in the Bank pay per view, this year things will be a little different thanks to the times we live in. With Raw and Smackdown still being held from the performance centre in Florida, WWE will air Money in the Bank from the centre also. The main feature of the event, The Money in the Bank ladder match, will be a little different this year as they will be held at the WWE headquarters in Stamford. Better known as Titan Towers, 6 male and 6 female performers will try and climb the corporate ladder, with the latest free betting picks being quite clear on the potential winners.

Men’s Money in the Bank Match: Rey Mysterio v Aleister Black v Daniel Bryan v King Corbin v Otis v AJ Styles

I fully expect that this years Money in the Bank matches to be filmed in a cinematic style like the boneyard match at Wrestlemania. As they battle up the floors of the building I imagine we will see a part where Mandy, Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler get involved to continue their feud with Otis. If we don’t see Deville and Ziggler I would fully expect Mandy Rose to appear.

The winner I would like to see win the match is Daniel Bryan, so he can have another run with the championship at some point before his rumoured semi-retirement where he will go part-time. The favourite for the match with the fans for a long time has been Aleister Black but with AJ Styles being added, winning the gauntlet match this week on Raw, it now puts that in doubt. The Phenomenal One has a great opportunity to win coming off a great feud with Undertaker. I would be surprised to see either man win. But the outside bet and my prediction for the winner is King Corbin. This could be his chance to move on from the King gimmick but keep the same ‘I’m better than you’ attitude and I believe this will be the turning point where Corbin goes to the next level.

Winner of the Men’s Money in the Bank match: King Corbin


Women’s Money in the Bank Match: Carmella v Asuka v Shayna Baszler v Nia Jax v Dana Brooke v Lacey Evans

The performer who has really stood out and had growing reviews on a weekly basis whilst there has been no crowd is Asuka. She has been an entertaining part of WWE and I believe Asuka could win the briefcase to put her back in the title picture. Only fault and doubt I have is that a Becky Lynch, Asuka feud as already been done only a couple of months ago and won’t feel fresh but on the flip side a switch to Smackdown and a feud with Bayley would be something to look forward too. Looking at the other competitors I don’t believe Baszler needs the briefcase, her character is intense and hurting superstars enough at the moment that she has momentum on her side.

Dana Brooke is too far down the card and surprised she is actually in this match, Lacey Evans has already been battling Bayley and Sasha Banks this year and her winning the briefcase will feel like overkill. Carmella hasn’t done anything of note but is gathering a following online and that might be a factor in winning the briefcase. The only competitor left is Nia Jax, I can see her building up, beating challenger after challenger and then challenge Becky Lynch in a showdown as Lynch is biggest challenge yet.

Winner of Women’s Money in the Bank: Nia Jax

Side note – With rumours of a big stunt filmed for the event and AJ Styles and Aleister Black mentioning throwing someone off the side of the building, it looks very likely we will see a big bump. We could see a mission impossible style fall and hang on to the side of the building instead of someone being thrown off the top. Or we will see someone jump off? Who knows but I am looking forward to finding out.


WWE Universal Championship Match: Braun Strowman v Bray Wyatt

The fact that we are getting Bray Wyatt and not the Fiend makes me think that we will not see the end of these two. This will continue past this event and into the next. I think Wyatt will play mind games but last time Bray Wyatt had a match he didn’t do any offence until he snapped against The Miz. I think Strowman will beat Wyatt quite convincingly but Wyatt will get up laughing at the end and set up something for the future.

Winner and still WWE Universal Champion: Braun Strowman


WWE Championship Match: Drew McIntyre v Seth Rollins

With McIntyre just winning the championship and dethroning Lesnar, he won’t lose here to Rollins. I believe McIntyre will pick up the win here and maybe Rollins and his cult will get revenge on the next Raw to set up another clash and continue the storyline. I do think we will see Murphy at Rollins side at the event also.

Winner and Still WWE Champion: Drew McIntyre


WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship: Bayley v Tamina

Bayley has been champion since last years Money in the Bank event where she won the briefcase and cashed in. I don’t see her losing here but we might see some more slow build to a split between Banks and Bayley.

Winner and Still WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion: Bayley


WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day v The Miz and John Morrison v Forgotten Sons v Lucha House Party

With New Day only winning the titles a few weeks ago I believe they will retain the titles here too. I think in the bigger picture of the match we will see The Miz and John Morrison fall out and possibly split. I would imagine one of them is going to take the pin before we see a actual tag team rematch between The Miz and Morrison and New Day. In this match, I imagine Miz will turn on Morrison breaking up the team once again saying that he has carried Morrison once again on his return.

Winners and Still Smackdown Tag Team Champions: The New Day



Whilst the show will be memorable for the Money in the Bank matches the rest of the show will be nothing spectacular. It will be more of a storytelling pay per view as they move things forward and start to look at bringing fans back into the arena as lockdown is slowly lifted in the USA.


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