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WWE News: Mark Henry Could have Retired Officially


WWE News: Mark Henry Could have Retired Officially

Mark Henry dgsddsfs - WWE News: Mark Henry Could have Retired Officially

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE wrestler Mark Henry would be officially retired. A news that was expected recently. Mark would have commented that he hoped not to sign a new “active agent” contract in the future. “I would also like to dedicate myself to other things outside of wrestling.”

The 46-year-old fighter has not fought since the last edition of Wrestlemania 33, where he was in the battle tribute to Andre The Giant. In fact, he has only fought 3 battles in 2017. Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania and a match in RAW, against Braun Strowman. Something, that could announce step by step that his contract is ending and his life as a fighter follows the same path.

On Monday, Northeast Wrestling announced that it would appear in its show on Friday, March 2 in Waterbury, CT. He will not fight, but he will be there to sign autographs. Maybe it will get involved in some way, but it is not announced for a fight. This fact is an additional confirmation that it has already ended with WWE. Because a full-time wrestler would not be working on an independent wrestling show.

It seems that his times as a fighter have ended, although it could surprise everyone in the face of Royal Rumble, in a final tribute. He has been with the company since 1996. Or what is the same in this 2018 are already 22 years linked to the McMahon company. Where he has always been a recurring man to put over the new talents, or fighters who needed to be seen as strong.


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