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WWE NXT Review: December 25, 2019


WWE NXT Review: December 25, 2019

WWE NXT Review: December 25, 2019 by Felix Pichler

This wasn’t a typical episode of NXT as we just had pre-taped matches which weren’t part of any storylines and between the fights we saw Cathy Kelly, Sam Roberts and Pat McAfee in a studio talking about NXT and their superstars. We won’t talk about these conversations, but look which superstars got the time to wrestle in the matches. Even though these fights aren’t relevant for storylines or feuds, NXT wanted to give us some content which they can air on December 25. Due to that, this review will be a bit shorter.

Roderick Strong (C.) vs. Austin Theory for the NXT North American Championship

A perfect match to kick off the show as both men are incredible in-ring performers. Even though it was clear that the title wouldn’t change hands in such a match, Austin Theory still showed some great moves which led to several nearfalls. However, in the end, Roderick Strong defended his championship as he forced his opponent to tap out to the Stronghold.

Opinion: Decent match and good to see Theory showing off his skills.  

Rating: A+


Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs.  “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher

While the first match was taped at Full Sail as it is usual for NXT, this fight took place in the arena of SmackDown. It took some time until the audience was interested in this match, but these two worked a solid match. After about 14 minutes, Isaiah Scott performed the Killshot Kick for the win.

Opinion: Scott received within the last weeks more and more tv time and due to that it’s great to see that they give him also this opportunity. Besides, I have to admit that I love the Killshot Kick. Meanwhile, Jack Gallagher is in truth one of the very few wrestlers in all of WWE who is incredibly talented in the ring and additionally has a unique character. In light of this, it’s sad to see that WWE has no plan of what they should do with him.

Rating: A-


Candice LeRae vs. Taynara

Since Candice LeRae is one of the top faces of the women’s division of NXT but isn’t in a feud at the moment, this was a perfect chance to give her some in-ring time. As usual, you saw that Taynara still needs some time, but she gets better and better. However, after a Lionsault, Taynara wasn’t able to kick out and LeRae picked up the win.

Opinion: A perfect match for such a show since both women aren’t part of any storyline at the moment and so WWE used this chance to give them some time to showcase their skills.

Rating: B+


Dominik Dijakovic vs. Bronson Reed

This was also one of the matches which got taped in the SmackDown arena. It was logical that in the end, Dominik Dijakovic would go over as he is clearly the bigger name. However, Branson Reed kicked out of quite lot moves and Dijakovic had to perform a Choke Bomb from the middle rope to finish him off.

Opinion: I’m not sure if there is any plan what is next for Dijakovic. In this year, he and Keith Lee were able to really get relevant on NXT, but while Lee seems to continue to be in the spotlight, it will be interesting to watch what they’ll do with Dijakovic.

Rating: B+


Bianca Belair vs. Shotzi Blackheart

This match took almost 11 minutes, and in the end, it was Bianca Belair who performed the KOD for the victory. However, Shotzi Blackheart also had the chance to show off her skills as the match took quite long.

Opinion: Blackheart didn’t get any attention on NXT within the last weeks and because of that this was the perfect spot for her. The match was clearly the worst until to this point, but still entertaining. Belair has the same problem as LeRae as she is one of the biggest faces of NXT, but not part of any storyline at the moment.

Rating: B-


Keith Lee and Lio Rush vs. Damien Priest and Tony Nese

Then it was time for the main event which also took place after the episode of SmackDown. Keith Lee, Lio Rush and Damien Priest had quite a lot of spots while Tony Nese wasn’t 100% in this match what is logical as he’s not such a great star as the other three men. Anyways, this match was quite funny, and in the end, Lee hit Nese with a Jackhammer. Then, Rush got tagged in, went on Lee’s shoulders to perform the Final Hour on Nese for the win.

Opinion: Lee and Rush had Christmas featured gear as they went to the ring and Lee also brought cookies with him. In general, this match had several funny angles and moments. Logically, the faces went over while this loss doesn’t really let Priest look bad as Nese took the final beating.  

Rating: A+



Logical that NXT gave its superstars free on Christmas as AEW also did. However, they still wanted to provide us some content and they did well. The opening match was awesome while the main event was quite entertaining due to the funny moments. The other matches made sense as they put wrestlers in them which don’t get that much tv time at the moment. So, you have to admit that WWE and NXT respectively did a good job with this Christmas edition of NXT.

Rating: B+


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