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WWE NXT Review: October 30, 2019


WWE NXT Review: October 30, 2019

Io Shirai vs. Candice LeRae

Before the first match of this episode kicked off, the musician Poppy performed a song on the stage while the highlights from last week’s NXT episode were shown. As Shirai came out, Poppy sang another song and made together with Shirai her way to the ring.

After LeRae’s entrance, the match started. Both superstars showed their aggression and you totally felt the heat between these two women. Since both are also great in-ring performers, we saw beside the emotions also nice and clean moves. However, in the final phase of the match, Shirai took a chair, but the referee stopped her from hitting LeRae with it. Just moments later, Shirai was lying on this chair, LeRae performed a Lionsault, but Shirai rolled out of the way and so LeRae hit the chair. Due to that, Shirai was able to pick up the win. After the match, Shirai continued to attack her opponent, but Rhea Ripley came out to make the save.

Opinion: A nice match and a very short angle after it. It’s good to see the women getting that much time. In light of this, we have more time for other feuds than the one between Shayna Baszler and the number one contender.

Rating: B+

Finn Balor’s promo

Balor came out in dark street clothes and you just saw him once doing his hand raise thing. He said that Bray Wyatt put on a mask and became the hottest thing in the business after beating him, but now he took off the mask and is the hottest thing in the business. He continued to note that he heard that Jonny Gargano got out of the hospital and added that he’ll send him back there. He ended his promo by saying that he’ll turn “Jonny Wrestling” into “Jonny Watching Wrestling” and then left the ring.

Opinion: A short promo, but the message was totally clear. There were still a lot of people in the crowd who chanted for him. Since his heel turn is just one week ago that’s logical. However, this feud could be absolutely outstanding.

Rating: B

Bronson Reed vs. Shane Thorne 

The match was over after about four minutes and Reed was able to get away with the victory after he performed a big Splash. A good win for Reed while Thorne didn’t look bad too. After that, we saw Cathy Kelly interviewing Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox ahead of their match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Kai noted that they want to bring the fight to the Kabuki Warriors after coming back from injuries. Nox added that winning the tag titles would be great but doing it with her best friend would be even better.

Opinion: Short and solid match from Reed and Thorne and a little interview ahead of the championship match. Both things nothing outstanding, but good.

Rating: C+

“The Kabuki Warriors” Kairi Sane and Asuka vs. Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

Sane and Asuka were able to isolate Kai for a very long time and additionally they permanently attacked the knee which was injured. Even though Kai was able to get Nox into the game and the match was for several minutes more open, the end came as we would have expected it. The ref was distracted and Asuka took the opportunity to hit Kai with the Green Mist followed by a kick. Sane performed after that the InSane Elbow for the win.

After the match ended, Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir came out and walked into the ring. They attacked Nox and Baszler wanted to break stomp her arm, but then Ripley’s music played and she came out. Shirai attacked her from behind, then Bianca Belair and LeRae also came out and all these women took out each other at ringside. After that, just Baszler and Ripley were the last two standing in the ring. Ripley took the NXT Women’s Champion down, but Shirai and Belair entered the ring to save Baszler. Chaos broke out in the ring and security had to separate the women.

William Regal appeared on the commentary balcony and said that he had a simple solution for this and just added the words “War Games!”. The crowd escalated after these words.

Opinion: The match for the tag titles was extremely long and for that not that outstanding as you would expect. The post-match segment was good, and this brawl had a build-up for several weeks. Additionally, this segment just showed how many potential NXT has in the women’s division and I’m looking forward to the war games match. Later that night they also confirmed Ripley and Baszler as the team captains.

Rating: B

Tyler Bate vs. Cameron Grimes

After Grimes match against Matt Riddle last week, this was the second fight against a big name for him. Bate showed in this match once more what an incredible athlete he is. However, after about nine minutes, Killian Dain was at ringside and distracted Bate. This gave Grimes the chance to perform his Standing Double Stomp for the victory.

When the match was over, Grimes left, and Dain bet up Bate. He hit the former NXT UK Champion with a Cannonball into the steel steps what looked really painful. As this segment closed, Dain said to Bate that he would come for Pete Dunne for what he has done two him a few weeks ago.

Opinion: Since I’m a great fan of Bate and Grimes, I enjoyed this match. Good to see Grimes continuing to get a big push and with that ending, Bate doesn’t look weak because of this loss. I also expect Dain to appear in next weeks match between Dunne and Damien Priest.

Rating: B+

“Undisputed Era” Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish vs. Matt Riddle and Keith Lee in a non-title match

The match itself was absolutely outstanding since we had four incredible performers in this match. They worked several with the factor that Lee is just way taller and bigger than Fish and O’Reilly. Riddle was as always outstanding, and the NXT Tag Team Champions also performed really well as usual.

In the end, Roderick Strong and Adam Cole distracted the opponents of their partners which led to the win for the UE. After the match, Tommaso Ciampa came out with his crutch and together with Lee and Riddle he destroyed all member s of the UE except Cole who was able to escape. In the end, all the members of the Undisputed Era were at ringside while Ciampa, Lee and Riddle stood tall in the ring. The NXT Championship was lying on the apron, Ciampa looked at it and said: “Goldie, you’re gonna have to wait, Daddy’s Going to War!”. Cole quickly grabbed is title belt as the show closed.

Opinion: A good main event match in which O’Reilly once more showed what an incredible performer he is. Also, good to see that Lee finally is regularly in the main event matches and segments. We’ll likely get Ciampa, Lee, Riddle and most likely Velveteen Dream vs the Undisputed Era in a War Games match which would be outstanding. A great segment to finish the show.

Rating: B+


A solid episode of NXT even though there wasn’t that one big surprise as we had last week when Balor hit Gargano with the Pele Kick, but you don’t can’t get something like that every week. We saw a good promo from Balor, several good matches, the women received enough time to show themselves and a great main event. All in all, a good episode of NXT. Even though there are still some weeks time until War Games, I’m totally hyped for it.

Rating: B


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