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WWE NXT Review: October 9, 2019


WWE NXT Review: October 9, 2019

After we saw some highlights of last week’s episode of NXT, we kicked off the show with the match between Drew Gualk and Lio Rush for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. It was once more interesting to see how Gulak adapts to the style of his opponent. The match itself was good but for a title match quite short with just about eight minutes. In the final phase of the match, Rush was able to hit the champ with a Springboard Stunner and then performed the Final Hour to get the victory and become the new champ.

William Regal joined Rush in the ring to put the belt around his waist, but then Gulak interfered and took the title. He jawed for a moment but then placed the title on Rush’s shoulder as an honourable gesture. Then the new champ celebrated his win while the commentators added, that Rush fought through mental health problems. So, he seems to be one of the new babyfaces and stands for fighting for mental health awareness. Let’s see where this brings us, but anyway it’s clever to hand the title to him to have a kind of a new start as the Cruiserweight Championship is now part of NXT.

Next up was the match between Rhea Ripley and Aliyah. After about one minute, Ripley put her opponent in the Irish Cloverleaf and gave her a Giant Swing. As she then put her opponent down but still continued to keep her opponent in this hold, Aliyah had no choice but to tap out.

Ripley took a mic and addressed Shayna Baszler. She said that the NXT Women’s Champion has beaten everyone, but not her. She added that she’s coming after Baszler. Ripley is currently the only woman in the roster which seems to have a real chance to take away the title from Baszler and also hasn’t lost to her.

Then the match between Breezango and the team of Ever Rise was scheduled. Tyler Breeze and Fandango made their entrance as stripper-like construction workers. Good to see something different kind of entrance of Breezango. Then the entrance theme of Ever Rise began, but they just got dragged out by Jaxson Ryker who was then joined by Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake. So, we got to see a match between Breezango and the Forgotten Sons which surprisingly the Forgotten Sons won after just about three minutes. Quite unsure in which direction they want to go with both teams. We’ll have to wait for the upcoming weeks to find it out, but interesting to give the win to the Forgotten Sons.

Following this, we saw the match between Cameron Grimes and Boa which Grimes won after not even 10 seconds. He hit Boa with the Standing Double Stomp and then pinned him. Suddenly, Killian Dain entered the ring and Grimes left. Dain took Boa to the commentary table where he slammed him on it. Probably we’ll see a feud between Grimes and Dain shortly which would likely be great. Grimes picked up so many wins over the last few weeks that it is now time for him to build his character which can be perfectly done with a feud.

Then we saw a little promo of Damien Priest which was cut from the streets. He talked about his attack on Pete Dunne and said that his name will live forever. This feud has got a lot of potential and this short promo of Priest was also good.

Next, we saw the fight between Roderick Strong and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott in a non-title match. This was probably one of the best matches so far of Scott and he had several good spots. However, logically in the final moments, Scott got distracted by the other members of the Undisputed Era who were at ringside. Due to that, Strong was able to hit his opponent with the End of Heartache and then put him in the Stronghold. Scott tapped out and so Strong got a submission victory.

Then the other members of the UE joined Strong in the ring and Adam Cole talked about that everyone wants to measure up with their stable. He added that they may dream of it, but they will never stop it. Suddenly, Velveteen Dream’s face popped up o the titantron and he said: “Did someone say Dream?”.

He then showed up on the commentary balcony and said that he will show Strong his reality. A picture of a naked Strong was shown on the titantron and he had just the NXT North American Championship around his waist. Dream added that he will take away the title from Strong and snapped his fingers. The title belt went away, and a tiny stop symbol was censoring the genital area of Strong.

The Undisputed Era was fired up and Dream disappeared, but the segment wasn’t over yet as Tomasso Ciampa came out with a steel chair and a crutch in his hands. As Ciampa entered the ring, the UE left it. He set up the chair in the centre of the ring, sat down and said “Goldie? Daddy’s home.”

Considering this, we’ll get the match between Ciampa and Cole for the NXT Championship soon, but the question is also what will happen to Finn Balor who didn’t appear in this segment. Great way to include several storylines in one segment what they have to do as the Undisputed Era has got all titles,

Then the match between Dakota Kai and Bianca Belair took place. Belair was able to defeat Kai after not even seven minutes in an evenly matched fight after the Sitout Burning Hammer. She then grabbed the microphone and said that if anyone wants to go for the NXT Women’s Championship, they have to go through Belair as she will go for the title too. This statement came a bit surprising but good to see several women going for the title. This could maybe be the build-up for a triple threat or something like that.

Then a video packaged aired in which Pete Dunne responded to Priest. He noted that he was NXT UK Champion for over 600 days and asked Priest how he wants to shoot an arrow with broken fingers. He also noted that Priest will maybe not even make it out of next week. Another solid promo and they advertised after that the match between the two men for next week. This feud has got a lot of potential and until now it totally proves it.

After that, it was time for the main event of this week’s episode as Walter took on Kushida in a non-title match. Even though Walter dominated the majority of this match as you would expect, Kushida also had some great moments and both men worked well together. In the end, the NXT UK Champion hit his opponent with the Ripcord Lariat to get the win. However, a great match by Kushida and a good main event. The Japanese had several chances to win the match, but logically they had to hand this win to Walter as he is the NXT UK Champion.

After the match, they also announced that Tomasso Ciampa will face Angel Garza next week and Roderick Strong will fight against Velveteen Dream in two weeks. Besides, we’ll have in the next episode of NXT another fight between  Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic, but this time in a rubber match.

This week’s episode of NXT was once more really solid as we know it from this show. Next week’s episode has also some promising matches on the schedule. I’m really looking forward to seeing Ciampa back in the ring and we’ll get to see another great match between Lee and Dijakovic. Hopefully, we’ll also get a response of Baszler to see in which direction it will go for her. I think that a triple threat between her, Belair and Ripley would be awesome and there’s a lot of potential in it to play with the characters. We’ll likely find out next week what’s WWE’s plan for that.



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