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WWE NXT Review: September 4, 2019



WWE NXT Review: September 4, 2019

We kicked this week’s NXT episode off with the return of Breezango who took on Chase Parker and Matt Martel. They also used new theme music for their entrance and logically picked up the win to look strong. After the Fashion Follow Up they were able to secure the win after about four minutes.

After that, Keith Lee and Jordan Myles were shown walking outside and Cathy Kelley interviewed Myles about his title match against Adam Cole. Myles explained that he will be confident. Lee added that Myles has been here for a short time and that he has nothing to worry about since he already got a title shot.

Then we saw how Io Shirai bet Candice LeRae up with a kendo stick in a parking lot. In light of this, there feud continuous and maybe we’ll see a street fight or something like that at the next NXT TakeOver.

Footage of Cameron Grimes followed in which he was shown mad backstage. He was acting manic but when he calmed down, he said that his goal is to get at the top even though he’s currently at the bottom.

Next up was the non-title match between Velveteen Dream and Kona Reeves. Even though Reeves fought very well, he couldn’t kick out after the Dream Valley Driver and the NXT North American Champion was able to win the match. After the fight, Roderick Strong was shown on the screen standing in the dark over a fire. He said that Dream wanted to see him do something. The camera panned back, and it got visible that the fire came from Dream’s couch. So, we will likely see Velveteen vs Strong for the NXT North American Championship at the upcoming TakeOver. If Strong is able to win this match, all members of the Undisputed Era would have gold around their wastes.

After that, the match between Bianca Belair and Taynara Conti took place and even though it was ahead of the match clear that Belair would go over, the match was pretty interesting and good. Both performers worked really well. However, Belair performed the Burning Hammer and was able to get away with the win. After that, William Regal was shown in his office and he announced that Mia Yim, Bianca Belair and Io Shirai would be in a match to declare the number one contender for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Then it was time for the main event. Cole defended his NXT Championship against Myles. It was an intense match with many well-worked moves but the big problem was that the crowd never believed that Myles would be able to win the NXT Championship and so the atmosphere wasn’t as incredible as it usually is during a championship match.

After about 14 minutes Myles went for something like a slingshot STO, but Cole performed three consecutive kicks. The last kick was the Last Shot Shining Wizard Kick. After that, the challenger wasn’t able to kick out of the pinfall and Cole defended his title.

The show was closed with Myles getting carried to the backstage area by a ref after Cole already went off the stage. Even though it was a good match, it’s questionable why Myles already now utilised his opportunity on the title which he deserved by winning the NXT Breakout Tournament. Maybe it has something to do with NXT’s move to the USA Network or we’ll see a heel turn of Lee against Myles within the next few weeks. This could be an interesting feud, but we’ll have to wait what’s next for him after this loss. And besides, it will be interesting to watch who will be the next challenger for NXT Champion Cole.


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