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WWE Offers Contract to Around Twenty Talents


WWE Offers Contract to Around Twenty Talents

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The troops are getting ready for the war! British wrestling is experiencing a new boom in decades but things will get even better soon. Because just as a few weeks ago we confirmed that the battle between WWE and World of Sports Wrestling was about to collapse, now new reports appear that suggest that both sides are strengthening themselves in a big way to reach the point of competition.

Let’s start with WoSW, a show that we remind you, will return in June or August (at the latest) on ITV, considered the second largest television channel in the United Kingdom and where making good numbers in terms of ratings is not a major problem. As we have already pointed out, the pilot episode was broadcast last year and almost reached one and a half million viewers, but in the taping made recently and that will be distributed for ten weeks, they said they have names that are much more consolidated than those of the pilot.

The Champion, Grado, this time was accompanied by compatriots of the caliber of Will Ospreay, Joe Hendry, Martin Cooper, the American Moose and even the former WWE Superstar Stu Bennett (Wade Barrett /Bad News Barrett) in the comments, among other stars.

WWE worried about losing audience in the area, wants to counteract what is coming and hence the next tournament for the UK Championship that will start on the 18th of next month. But for that, it has also strengthened its cast. It is known, thanks to the information of Dave Meltzer that the company has offered contracts to around twenty local talents, and not only to improve its roster but to prevent WoSW from doing the same. Among them, Joe Coffey, Dave Mastiff, El Ligero, Travis Banks, Eddie Dennis, Chris Brooks and the Austrian Toni Storm.

Also, Vince McMahon and company will seek to ensure a television deal in the British Isles to broadcast the shows that will be held from the Royal Albert Hall (hence, it would seem that WWE Network will only serve as a platform to broadcast the content to the rest of the world ). One possibility would be Sky Sports, home of Raw and SmackDown in the UK but if the top managers want to be on a par with WoSW, they should look for other alternatives, since Sky reaches a limited number of homes.

Meanwhile, the great entertainment continues to be strong in this market. During the last tour of Europe several names of the house were used and even 205 Live saw Tyler Bate, Kenny Williams, Flash Morgan, James Drake and Joseph Gonners participate. In addition, it has been confirmed that Ronda Rousey will travel to Great Britain in the summer to a match for the fans of London, England on August 29 in an event not televised from the O2 Arena.


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