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WWE offers new deals to more talent in the UK


WWE offers new deals to more talent in the UK

WWE offers new deals to more talent in the UK

The expansion of WWE in the UK continues. The leading company in world sports entertainment has created a new type of agreement to bring together positions with independent talents. In this way, according to the Wrestling Observer specialized portal, WWE can make sure that the fighters they are interested in do not go to “competition ” companies such as World of Sports (WOS) or Revolution Pro Wrestling (RevPro).

This new pre-agreement format is called extended tryout. If the fighters accept this offer they will be able to secure a place in every tryout that WWE makes for free. The only condition is that they can not work in companies with more exposure such as World of Sports, RevPro or Defiant Wrestling.

according to Wrestling Observer, The talents that have reached this agreement are the following:

  • Charlie Morgan Original freelance wrestler from Cambridge. At 26, Morgan is one of the most recognized talents of the British circuit. A month ago, she starred in the main fight of the Wrestle Queendom event at York Hall and won the championship of the leading women’s company in the United Kingdom, Pro Wrestling EVE.
  • Nina Samuels Independent wrestler based in England. Nina has kept up with WWE since its inception and has managed to make Rosebud during wrestler entries. Samuels has worked in companies such as EVE, RevPro or PROGRESS Wrestling.
  • Mark Coffey Independent Scottish wrestler. The younger brother of the already hired Joe Coffey. With nearly eight years of experience on the circuit, Coffey has spent most of his career at Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW).
  • Wild Boar Independent wrestler of 28 years original of Wales. Boar is a small fighter famous for his intense and explosive style. Habitual of the companies of the north of the country, the fighter occupies an important role inside the Dojo of Dragon Pro. His more habitual company is ATTACK Pro Wrestling.
    WWE is intensifying its expansion by the United Kingdom, one more year, to try to stop the growth of World of Sport. The next two scheduled events on British soil (WWE UK Tournament) are registering a very low level of sales.

The tournament coincides with the first match of the football World Cup in England and the price of their tickets is very high. Some people, for example, are being relocated to the pavilion in better positions without paying extra.


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