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WWE Officials may be Angry with Daniel Bryan

WWE Officials may be Angry with Daniel Bryan


WWE Officials may be Angry with Daniel Bryan

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WWE Officials may be Angry with Daniel Bryan

“There’s something strange with Daniel Bryan and WWE,” said Dave Meltzer after the episode of SmackDown Live on Tuesday. Because the prominent journalist perceived that the exchange between Bryan and The Miz was not a simple confrontation for the cameras but behind it could have manifested a message from the company that would be criticizing the state of the negotiations for the permanence of the bearded man in the company.

The gladiator returned to the ring last April after more than two years going from doctor to doctor to get the green light and resume his career. And once cleared the way for his return, he threw it under a calendar full time, despite special condition and when his intention was to return with a reduced agenda. But now that his contract is about to expire, the conditions for its renewal are being discussed with the officials, apparently, giving all tastes to the gladiator.

The problem then could lie, one would suppose, in that, despite having agreed on the details, he still has not decided to scribble the paper and seal its continuity. For that reason, some high command could have shown some discomfort, considering that only a few weeks remain before “The American Dragon” becomes a free agent. Somehow, the one who has not yet done so may prove that there is no such great conviction on his part even when everything indicated his stay.

Before obtaining the discharge for the competition and while describing in the means that the most probable thing was that it went away to the indies, Bryan recognized that it glided to fight in Japan and to participate of some that another Mask Vs. Hair in the Arena of Mexico with the CMLL. Thus, he implied that he would not look badly on being independent again. And if there is a problem that could worry him more than anything else, it would come more from the management side which he himself has criticized publicly. Vince McMahon no longer gives creative control, so if that were the issue, then there would not be much more to think about.


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