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WWE RAW and Impact Wrestling on the Same TV Channel?


WWE RAW and Impact Wrestling on the Same TV Channel?

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Something that nobody expected could happen in the coming days and is apparently USA Network, would be interested in adding a new Wrestling program to their channel to cover the low WWE Smackdown and this could be Impact Wrestling according to Dave Meltzer.

Dave Meltzer speculated that although USA Network kept the WWE RAW program on its network with a new contract. the loss of WWE Smackdown could push the USA Network to look for a substitute wrestling program to cover that low.

Meltzer spoke about the fact that USA Network is possibly approaching Impact Wrestling and that Impact would “love” being associated with the network. their current contract with PopTV is not worth as much as the $1 million contract USA Network could offer them.

This will be great news for Impact producers as it would allow them to maintain the program and get new benefits for the program both in advertising and in making themselves known to the general public by being in one of the largest networks in the United States.

Although this right now is a rumor thrown by Dave Meltzer, the truth is that if it happened we could be back to a business war if Impact and Smackdown coincide.

With Impact having much more exposure in the United States this could become a problem for WWE if you really opt for the option to offer your product in streaming through one of the major brands that have offered for the program, Facebook and Amazon.

It will be necessary to see if finally the Impact option in USA Network consolidates or has only been a question on the part of USA Network and also to see if Smackdown finishes in Fox or in another Network.


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