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WWE Raw Review: February 17, 2020


WWE Raw Review: February 17, 2020

WWE Raw Review: February 17, 2020 by Tommy Cowan

Randy Orton and Matt Hardy

The show opened with Randy Orton and Matt Hardy following the success of the altercation between the two the previous week. Instead of getting the no holds barred match that was advertised, the two engaged in a promo. Hardy came to the ring in a neck brace and said that he could not compete due to Orton’s actions last week. Randy said that he loved Edge like a brother before walking up the entrance ramp. The viper’s music hit, and almost seemingly wrestling his own guilty conscience, he returned to once again hit Hardy multiple times with a chair on the steel steps.

Opinion: Orton has been putting on amazing performances as of late. He still seems guilty towards Edge, whilst still being a heel. However, advertising a no holds barred match and delivering would have been a great way to increase viewership. Not doing this is similar to the Goldberg angle on SmackDown a couple of weeks ago.

Rating: C

Aleister Black vs. Erick Rowan

Up next was Aleister Black against Erick Rowan. This was arguably one of Aleister’s most competitive opponents in a number of weeks. It took two Black Masses for Black to pick up the victory in this match. Nothing really significant happened in this match and with Rowan’s cage still at ringside, we have no idea what is in it.

Opinion: The match itself didn’t hold too much significance. Whilst it wasn’t a problem with the way it ended, you can’t help but feel some sympathy for Rowan after a seemingly new character change isn’t getting much focus.

Rating: C

Charlotte Flair segment

Charlotte Flair came out next to cut a promo recapping her appearance at NXT Takeover: Portland the previous night. In which Charlotte accepted the challenge to fight Rhea Ripley for the NXT Women’s Championship at WWE’s WrestleMania 36. Charlotte said that she was one of the original foundations of NXT and feels as if the current NXT female stars are entitled.

Opinion: Overall this wasn’t a bad segment. Charlotte is starting to add fuel to her match at Wrestlemania. She put emotion and passion into her promo.

Rating: C

Riddick Moss (C.) vs. R-Truth vs. Mojo Rawley for the WWE 24/7 Championship

Newcomer onto the WWE scene Riddick Moss rolled up R-Truth to retain the 24/7 Championship. Whilst these matches might seem quite boring and repetitive to some, this match had some focus on John Cena. With R-Truth performing the Five-Knuckle Shuffle.

Opinion: I am a big fan of R-Truth and what he is doing with the 24/7 Championship. However, matches like this felt quite boring to watch.

Rating: D

Drew McIntyre vs. MVP

Up next Drew McIntyre had an in-ring promo where he exclaims that he will take over suplex city at Wrestlemania. Paul Heyman interrupted Drew and teased the idea that Brock Lesnar would be coming out to confront McIntyre but did not show up. Heyman brought out MVP in which Drew picked up a comfortable victory following a Claymore Kick.

Opinion: I am really excited to see the build leading up to the WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania. The seeds are being sown by McIntyre and Heyman and I wonder what will happen next.

Rating: C

Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler

Becky Lynch came down to the ring holding a paper bag. She emptied it out onto the floor in which money fell out across the ring. Becky said that the money is for the fine she will get when she beats Shayna Baszler. Shayna appeared on the screen to say she will “tear the living s***” out of Becky Lynch after Elimination Chamber.

Opinion: This segment was really good. The idea of Shayna indicating that the Elimination Chamber is like her home turf because of previous cage fighting experience was a great addition.

Rating: B

Bobby Lashley and Angel Garza (w/ Lana and Zelina Vega) vs. Rusev and Humberto Carrillo

Up next was a really fun tag team match between some really good athletes. Carrillo and Garza got the opportunity to show their luchador wrestling styles, and Rusev was still over with the crowd. However, Rusev was the one that took the loss.

Opinion: This was a fun and really exciting match to watch with the crowd helping in the process. However, the absence of Liv Morgan indicates that WWE have little idea of where they will take her moving forward.

Rating: B

Kairi Sane (w/ Asuka) vs. Natalya

Following on from Natalya receiving a black eye from Asuka a few weeks ago, Kairi Sane was up next to have a match with Natalya. Sane and Natalya showed off their modern offense, where Kairi won thanks to an Asuka interference.

Opinion: This match did not excite me going into this show. The finish was fairly predictable with Asuka at ringside and there was nothing else too much to point out from it.

Rating: D

Seth Rollins’ sermon

Seth Rollins, AOP and Murphy were next in the ring as Seth gave us a sermon. He said that those who can’t be rehabilitated can be eradicated. Rollins played against the crowd who were clearly against him. The Viking Raiders and Kevin Owens interrupted to lead in a beat down which would set up the six-man tag later in the night.

Opinion: Seth Rollins delivered a fairly good speech in which he played to the crowd heat nicely. Again, the interruption could be seen as fairly predictable.

Rating: C

AJ Styles’ promo and Ricochet vs. Karl Anderson

AJ Styles returned from injury next to say that he would win the Tuwait Trophy at Super Showdown. He said that he should be referred to as the new ‘Mr. Wrestlemania’ in which he reeled off some legendary opponents he could face, most noticeable, The Undertaker. Ricochet interrupted saying that he earned his title match against Brock Lesnar, and he was capable of beating him.

This led to a match between Ricochet and Karl Anderson. Ricochet put in his high-flying offence whilst Anderson struggled to get in some serious offense. Ricochet eventually got the win.

Opinion: The AJ promo was really good. His teasing of a match with the Undertaker excites me for his path towards Wrestlemania. The match itself was fairly mediocre just to show that Ricochet has some momentum going into his match with Lesnar.

Rating: C

Liv Morgan’s backstage segment

Charly Caruso conducted a backstage interview with Liv Morgan who said that she wants to gain revenge on her former Riott Squad partner Ruby Riott. She then did a fairly good job of putting over the Elimination Chamber heading into her match in just over a week’s time.

Opinion: The Promo felt awkward at times and felt like Liv was reading off of something in front of her. Despite this she put over the Chamber which was built well throughout the night.

Rating: D

Kevin Owens and “The Viking Raiders” Erik and Ivar vs. Murphy and “AOP” Akam and Rezar

Finally, it was the main event in which we saw another instalment of this six-man tag team match. The match itself was fairly exciting due to the fact that those in the match are in fact really good wrestlers. KO hit a stunner onto Murphy, before Rollins broke up the pin for the DQ. Afterwards Seth said that he would crucify Owens which brought out The Street Profits to get the babyface save. Wiping out those in their way.

Opinion: This feud is really good, and I enjoy them. However, at times it can be seen as repetitive to some. It showed that Murphy couldn’t win without Rollins. The save from The Street Profits was great.

Rating: B


Whilst this Raw was fairly enjoyable with some angles being slowly built towards Wrestlemania, it was not at the level of Raw from the previous weeks. The called off match between Orton and Hardy was a part which I disliked as it almost seemed like false advertising.

Rating: C


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