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WWE RAW Review: November 25, 2019


WWE RAW Review: November 25, 2019

WWE RAW Review: November 25, 2019 by Felix

The opening segment with Seth Rollins

To open the show, Rollins was in the centre of the ring in street clothes while a lot of wrestlers stood around that ring. He first talked a bit about CM Punk as the crowd once more chanted for him. Then he noted that NXT mopped the floor with RAW and that he would hate that since he was a fan of RAW his entire life.

“Last night at Survivor Series,” Rollins said. “You all sucked.” He then noted that if anyone likes to say anything then this would be the moment. He asked Randy Orton if he wants to say something and also called him the weak link of last night. Orton just walked to the back and the Architect said that he would lead the brand while Orton is going to the back.

Rollins said to Charlotte Flair that she wasn’t even the last women standing last night. “And you call yourself a Flair”, the Beast Slayer added. The Queen also went to the back. Rollins told AOP that they didn’t need them last night and this night neither. Akam and Rezar always walked up the ramp.

Rollins asked Ry Mysterio if he would have anything to say. He added that Rey “let all of us down last night” which was followed by booes. He noted that he bet Brock Lesnar twice this year and Rey couldn’t even do it once with a lead pipe and his “stupid kid”. An “asshole”-chant broke out and Rey went up the ramp. All other superstars followed him.

“These were things that everyone was thinking”, the Architect then said. “And I am the only one with the guts to say it.” Only Kevin Owens was still out and stood on the apron. Rollins told him to get into the ring to say what he thinks. However, KO didn’t get the chance to speak as just Rollins continued to talk. He said that he would know that KO wants to say that he makes it about himself. The Beast Slayer added that Owens would never be Seth Rollins. Followed by that, he said that he didn’t mean it that way and that he would come from a good place. However, Owens gave him a Stunner and left the ring.

After the commercial break, Rollins was in the backstage area and said in an interview that he would want to fight Owens later that night in the ring and this match later then also got officially confirmed.

Opinion: It’s interesting to see that WWE takes what the WWE Universe really thinks about Rollins and works with it in the new storyline. This segment was a good opener and a well-done build-up for the main event between KO and Rollins

Rating: B+


Bobby Lashley (w/ Lana) vs. Titus O’Neil

The match didn’t even take one minute and then Rusev appeared in street clothes to beat up Lashley. He destroyed him in the ring, went with him up the ramp, tossed him in the LED wall of the stage and set him up to put him through the broadcaster table. However, three police officers appeared to put Rusev in handcuffs. Then, Rusev fought off the police officers to shoulder tackle Lashley off the stage. More police officer appeared which he once more fought off to then kick against a scaffolding what then went down near Lashley. Rusev was taken to the back while we saw Lashley being brought away by the ambulance while Lana was walking beside him.

Opinion: Honestly, I just want this feud to end. This was one of the better segments since finally, Rusev got some revenge, but still not enjoyable. I hope that at TLC we’ll they have the final match of this rivalry and then it’s over.

Rating: C


“AOP” Akam and Rezar vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder and Akira Tozawa vs. Andrade (w/ Zelina Vega)

Both matches didn’t even take three minutes. AOP completely destroyed Hawkins and Ryder while Tozawa had no chance against Andrade.

Opinion: Two squash matches to bring over AOP and Andrade. I’ll guess AOP will start a feud with the Viking Raiders soon while Andrade is in my opinion ready for any silverware.

Rating: B


Buddy Murphy vs. Matt Hardy

Before this match, we saw a typical promo by Aleister Black in front of a black backdrop. Black noted that Murphy knocked on his door and that he would have a match tonight. He then added that he would come to collect what he is owed.

The match between Murphy and Hardy didn’t even take three minutes and Murphy took away the win. Then, Murphy wanted to start a promo but was interrupted by Black’s entrance theme. He made his way to the ring where he bet up Murphy who then flew to the backstage area.

Opinion: Since both men are great in-ring performers, I just hope that in this feud both men will have their moments and not just Black to bring him over. However, this rivalry could be really something special.

Rating: B+


Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Ricochet in a four-way for a title shot at the United States Championship

AJ Styles was already in the ring ahead of his match against Humberto Carrillo for the United States Championship. However, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows attacked Carrillo during his entrance and hit him with the Magic Killer on the steel steps.

Ricochet came out to check on Carrillo and also asked Styles for a title match who said no. Randy Orton came out to also challenge Styles for the U.S. Championship. Styles noted that he would have beaten both of them already and said no. Drew McIntyre made his entrance and said that he has never faced Styles and asked him for a title match. Styles answered that he would feel a bit sober due to his match at Survivor Series last night.  Rey Mysterio came out and said that he wasn’t complaining about feeling sober after his match against Lesnar and also challenged him.

However, Ricochet brought the idea up that the four challengers should have a match to declare the challenger. Even Gallows and Anderson accepted that idea and after some time Styles also. So, the winner of this four-way match would face the Phenomenal One directly afterwards for the U.S. Title.

The match was entertaining and took about 14 minutes. In the end, McIntyre wanted to hit Orton with the Claymore Kick, but he got hit by an RKO outa nowhere. Orton made the pin, but Gallows and Anderson pulled him out of the ring and went him into the barricade. Mysterio performed a Springboard Moonsault on Ricochet who caught him, but Rey got him with an Inside Cradle for the win.

Opinion: This match was great since we had with Ricochet and Mysterio two great high-flyers and also two powerhouses with Orton and McIntyre. However, a bit surprising to let Mysterio win and let him look good just one night after he lost to Lesnar.

Rating: B+


AJ Styles (C.) (w/ Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs. Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship

After some time, Mysterio hit Styles with the 619, but the champ went then into the referee who went down. Mysterio made the pin, but the referee was down and didn’t count. Anderson and Gallows came in to beat up Mysterio, but then Orton came out to help Mysterio get rid of Gallows and Anderson. Mysterio gave Styles another 619, followed by an RKO from Orton and then Mysterio came off the top rope for a Frogspalsh for the three count to become new U.S. Champion. Dominick ran out to celebrate with his father while Orton went up the stage as he smirked.

Opinion: I was surprised that Mysterio won the four-way match, but this is even more surprising. I haven’t expected Styles to lose the title soon. However, I’m happy for Rey and let’s see how Orton will be involved in this storyline in the upcoming weeks.

Rating: A


KO’s promo and Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka (w/ Kairi Sane)

Charly Caruso wanted to interview Owens who asked her if he could have the mic and she went away from the set. KO noted that he always stayed the same even though people wanted to change him. Besides, he added that Rollins tried to be everything he thinks the company needs or expects from him. Owens went on by saying that Rollins turned into an insufferable prick and said that the next Stunner he’ll give Rollins will turn RAW into the Kevin Owens show.

Then, we had the match between Charlotte and Asuka. Sane permanently tried to get involved in the match and after some time, Charlotte ran after her at the ringside. She caught her and sent her into the ring post. Charlotte went back into the ring and just seconds later, Sane distracted the ref to give Asuka the chance to hit Charlotte with the Green Mist for the win.

Opinion: Good to see Asuka finally having meaningful matches. They received a lot of time for this match what is quite good to see, but I’m still surprised that we hadn’t seen Lynch for the whole show.

Rating: B+


Erick Rowan vs. Kyle Roberts

Rowan once more took his cage with him and placed it at ringside. Roberts went to the ringside to have a look at what would be in the cage, but Rowan instantly attacked him and destroyed him for the win after about one minute.

After that, we saw the O.C. in the backstage area getting interviewed. Sarah Schreiber asked Styles for a comment. The Phenomenal One fumed before just saying Orton’s name and then they walked off.

Opinion: I have no idea where they want to go with Rowan and I have the bad feeling that he gets attention for the next three to four months and then his meaningless run is over, but we’ll see. The “interview” of Styles was just pure class by him.

Rating: C+


Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens

Before this match, the commentators said that Lashley would be heading to the hospital while Rusev would be on his way to jail due to his attack. Then Lana got interviewed who said that Rusev would be obsessed with her, but who could blame him for that. She added that WWE should fire him. Her last sentence was that even though she witnessed a traumatic experience, she’s going to be okay.

Then, it was time for our main event. After about 14 minutes, KO hit Rollins with a Stunner but was too exhausted to pin his opponent. AOP came out as the wore suits and entered the ring. Owens slapped Akam, and so both members of AOP attacked KO for a no-contest finish. They destroyed Owens completely while Rollins was down in one corner.

KO was down and AOP turned around as they looked at Rollins who slightly got back to his feet. They removed their jackets and as Rollins was back at his feet, he yelled: “come on!”. However, Akam and Rezar turned around to leave the ring. They went up the ramp while Rollins hit KO with two Curb Stomps to close the show.

Opinion: Before the attack of AOP, the match was really good as you would expect from these two guys. The fans didn’t like the ending, but it looks as this episode would be the beginning of Rollins’ turn and maybe AOP will be his sidekicks. Could be interesting how they work with that story in the next episodes.

Rating: B



This episode had several great stuff in it, however, the only thing that really surprised me or entertained me on a high level was the match between Styles and Mysterio. A great match with an interesting ending which sets up for a feud between Styles and Orton and has gold around Mysterio’s waist. The rest of the episode was good, but nothing too special. The Rollins storyline is interesting, but they didn’t get me 100% yet. We once more have the problem that the champion Lesnar just doesn’t show up and so we have no main title in the episodes.

Rating: B-


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