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WWE Registers Several Brands Related to WCW

WWE Registers Several Brands Related to WCW


WWE Registers Several Brands Related to WCW

Image Credit: WWE

WWE Registers Several Brands Related to WCW

WWE registers again brands of World Championship Wrestling (WCW), a company currently on its property. WWE continues to register properties with the United States Patent Agency, having managed to deliver the documentation for different brands and names of NXT fighters.

Specifically, the brands that WWE has registered again are several old WCW Pay-Per-View (PPV) shows and events, such as Fall Brawl, Halloween Havoc and Monday Nitro (not to be confused with Monday Night Nitro). World Championship Wrestling has also been registered along with NWO New World Order. Other records have also been WWE Hidden Gems and All-Star Wrestling.

These records seem to be focused on WWE Network, completing the renewal of brands that the company makes to continue to exploit its products, both WWE Network and special DVD and Blu-Ray. There is also the possibility of exploiting these brands for the realization of events, as happened with WWE resurrecting Starrcade as a live event.

In this way, the company shields old WCW brands as happened this year with the controversy over War Games. Major League Wrestling (MLW) was able to hold an event like War Games a couple of weeks ago, a well-known meeting of NWA and later of WCW that was held in Fall Brawl. The reason is that MLW LLC and Court Bauer, the owner of the company have ownership of two brands on that concept since 2003 after WWE did not decide to register it.



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