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WWE released the NXT talent Zeda


WWE released the NXT talent Zeda

WWE released the NXT talent Zeda

The latest news is that WWE has done the first cleanup of NXT talents and have released several of them, for now, we can confirm the departure of the wrestler Zeda and we give you the rumors of other fighters who could have been released.

We have been informed that WWE has this week released NXT Superstar, Zeda, aka Julia Ho, from her development contract. She entered WWE in January 2017 after receiving a test in September 2016. She trained at the Santino Bros Academy in Los Angeles, between her test and entering the WWE Performance Center.

She made his NXT debut on May 13 in a real battle to determine a Number One Contender for the NXT Women’s Championship. Zeda was one of the competitors in the Mae Young Classic tournament where she was eliminated in the first round of the Mae Young Classic by Shayna Baszler. His last fight in the company was on March 13 in a live show where she lost to Sage Beckett.

Demetrius Bronson, The Ealy Twins and Eric Bugenhagen could have been released.

These fighters could have been dismissed from the company although we still do not have official confirmation of them even though their profiles have been removed from the Performance Center page.

Demetrius Bronson is a fighter who trained at the Booker T school in Houston but had recently been injured for a long time.

The Ealy twins were hired after a tryout with the company and it seemed that they would have a good push in the company but they have never left being a jobber and it seems that they have not evolved as the company expected.

Eric Bugenhagen is a weightlifter who was also hired after a tryout and has not appeared in any combat for 5 months.

Finally, the German Nicholas Salchow left the Performance Center a month ago after only enduring 5 months in WWE.


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