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WWE Releases Big Cass , Details of the reason are leaked


WWE Releases Big Cass , Details of the reason are leaked

WWE Releases Big Cass , Details of the reason are leaked

During the last few hours, information has leaked about the Release of Big Cass by WWE. The company announced the dismissal last night through a very brief press release where they did not want the best for their future projects something that caught the attention of the media and readers.

Apparently, the main reason for the dismissal of Big Cass was his behavior on the WWE tour in Europe. The fighter drank frequently during the trip, did not have good behavior in general and even showed up to a show under the influence of alcohol. Specifically, that last point would be the key to his dismissal which took place after a meeting that Vince McMahon organized last night before  SmackDown Live.

It is said that where the Cass debacle could really start was during the SmackDown show in which he hit a midget who represented being Daniel Bryan. That night, Big Cass repeatedly hit the guest and skipped the WWE order to hit him only once. The problem was magnified when it was learned that Cass recommended hitting the guest on more than one occasion before going on stage, but the creatives ordered him not to do that. Cass ended up skipping the creative team’s orders and did what she thought fit.

But it has been a cluster of problems that have happened in recent weeks that have increased the discomfort of the board with the fighter. Apparently, during the European tour, there were more incidents that could be given more details in the coming hours. All this, plus his appearance in a drunken state on the show of the European tour, would have triggered the decision of his dismissal.

It is also said that his fight in Money in The Bank against Daniel Bryan impressed the board and that gave him a halo of hope. However, it is not very clear if the WWE decision was made before that fight or if something serious happened afterward, so we will continue to wait for more information.


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