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WWE Rumors: Will WWE Offer Another Match to Steve Austin


WWE Rumors: Will WWE Offer Another Match to Steve Austin

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin has always said no, he would no longer fight in WWE, he had retired forever and so far he has kept his word … yes, so far. We already saw him in the WWE ring performing his Stunner on Xavier Woods at Wrestlemania 32 before more than 100,000 spectators and a riotous stadium full of fans from all over the world; That night, after that small segment “Stone Cold” was injured again shoulder and he was responsible for ensuring that this would be the last time we saw him match.

But things change and there really are very few things in this life that money can not buy. Yes, according to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio show,  WWE could offer $10 million to Steve Austin for one last match, a combat that would occur exclusively in WWE Network to try to increase the number of subscribers. This would be a way to attract more viewers to the WWE payment channel, say … an investment of 10 million dollars. These were the words of Meltzer:

“If Austin is going to return for one last match? I do not know. I think he does not want to and in his current state he would not receive a medical discharge to match but considering that WWE wants The Rock to return to the ring, looking for a rival for a final match why not turn to Steve Austin I do not think he could be at the same level as before, so I do not know if it would be worth bringing him in for a final match and making that effort. “

Dave Meltzer was prudent although there he left it. Would you like to see “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in the last match in WWE?


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