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WWE SmackDown Live November 27, 2018 Results

WWE SmackDown Live November 27, 2018 Results


WWE SmackDown Live November 27, 2018 Results

NOVEMBER 27, 2018

This new episode of WWE Smackdown Live begins with the Manager General Paige, which is held in the ring and welcomes “The Man”, the Smackdown Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch. The Irishman arrives in the ring and speaks at the microphone, saying that she is tired of being sidelined, tired of being a simple spectator and is now back in the match. She then asks Charlotte Flair to come, the music of the latter sounded. After a hectic exchange involving mostly Ronda Rousey, Paige steps in and announces that Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch will face WWE TLC for the Smackdown Women’s Championship in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

The three women are interrupted by The IIconics, Mandy Rose, Zelina Vega, Sonya Deville then by Carmella, Naomi, Asuka and Lana. They say that Charlotte does not deserve more than another opportunity at the Women’s Championship. Paige decides at this time to organize a Battle Royal with these 9 women, the winner will be added to the championship game for TLC and it will become a Triple Threat Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match.

The Bar vs. The Usos Non-Title Match

Jimmy starts with a European uppercut. Combine with a flying kick and then double team with Jey to punish Sheamus’ shoulder with a twist. The Irishman responds and makes the tag to Cesaro that continues with a lariat. When returning from commercials, the Swiss takes an atomic drop and then returns to make the tag to Sheamus, who takes a knee to Jimmy. The Samoan responds with a catapult and both make the tag. Jey shoots a jab, a Samoan drop and then tries to end the fight with a splash suicide, but Cesaro stops him with a European uppercut. Both take over, and Jimmy pulls a superkick against Sheamus and Jey pulls out a frog splash, but Sheamus manages to get out. Both make the relay, and Jey, after a roll-up and a frog splash, manages to dispatch Cesaro.
Winners: The Usos via pinfall.

The Miz meets The New Day backstage, who laugh at a video on his cell phone. Miz asks what they’re laughing at, and Kofi Kingston shows Miz’s defeat against the Bryant Brothers last week. Miz declares that it was only a slip and that he will go to find Shane McMahon to negotiate a fight against them tonight.

It’s time for AJ Styles to make his return, he will address the WWE Universe regarding the recent actions of Daniel Bryan. It’s been 14 days since he lost his title but it seems longer than the 371 days spent as a WWE Champion, AJ Styles explains. It’s not the loss of the title that annoys him, but how he lost it. A video showing Daniel Bryan’s victory two weeks ago is broadcast, followed by a video of Daniel Bryan’s explanations of his actions.

AJ Styles says that for him all these are just comings and he asks Daniel Bryan to come in the ring, except that Daniel Bryan is not present tonight and AJ Styles explains that he has never missed a single show, a single live-event when he was champion. He continues to provoke the current WWE Champion and tells him to be well prepared for TLC because he will be.

Rusev vs Shinsuke Nakamura
Nakamura attacks the Bulgarian before even starting the fight. It connects a terrible kick to the nape of the neck, which knocks down Rusev, and then tramples him on the ground. Rusev falls to ringside where he receives a Kinshasa.
Combat Canceled.

All the roster is now on the stage under the giant screen and Michael Cole is in the ring and asks to welcome Jeff Hardy, who will celebrate his 20 years of career at the WWE. Once Jeff Hardy in the ring alongside Michael Cole, a video summarizing his career is broadcast. Hardy says the video moved him a lot and he does not come back from doing so much in his career that he will be forever grateful to WWE and the fans. He thanks the fans one last time before leaving the ring but the music of Samoa Joe sounded.

Samoa Joe starts to provoke Hardy and Shane McMahon tries to contain Joe but Hardy asks the commissionaire to let him talk. Joe talks about Jeff Hardy’s drug and alcohol problems and says he does not want to celebrate the career of a weak man. Jeff Hardy, in turn, provokes Joe and tells him to come to settle with him immediately in the ring, but the Samoan turns around and refuses the confrontation to conclude the segment.

The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston (with The New Day)
Both start with a headlock, and although Miz tries a tourniquet, Kofi comes out with a flip and a body splash. Miz responds with a padlock and a bump, but Kofi pulls a flying shoulder, pulls him out of the ring with a lariat, and after The New Day distracts Miz, Kingston pulls out a headbutt suicide. When returning of commercial, Miz is sent of the third rope, but Kofi restrains it with a flying kick. Follow with a machete and a flying lariat. Miz responds with an attempt of Skull-Crushing Finale. Kofi pulls out a senton bomb and an SOS. Miz gets out and removes the padding from the corner. Big E replaces him with pancakes, and together with Xavier, they begin to annoy Miz, who finally succumbs to the Trouble in Paradise.
Winner: Kofi Kingston via pinfall.

Randy Orton comes on stage with Rey Mysterio’s mask. He says that while people have called his actions disturbing, unpleasant, for him the only thing that happened was to show the public that Rey was just one more of his victims. Mysterio goes out to interrupt him, and while Randy starts dominating him because of Mysterio’s neck injuries, he manages to return the blows with a 619 and goes to find a chair. Randy interrupts him with a Modified DDT and then hits his throat with the chair to the rungs. It is finally stopped by production, which takes it off the stage.

Women’s Battle Royal

Becky and Charlotte see from the comment table. Zelina attacks Carmella, and Sonya attacks Lana, taking her out of the ring, but by the second rope, so that she is not eliminated. From below, he pulls Zelina’s feet, eliminating her. The Latina pursues her, and Lana gets back into the ring, but, it’s Zelina now who pulls her out, eliminating her, and following her by banging ringside.

Zelina Vega eliminated.

The IIconics try to eliminate Carmella, but Lana returns to the ring to attack them. The Australians take advantage of the fact that Lana is going for an attack and they take her out of combat. They try to go for Asuka, but this manages to pigeonhole them on the ropes to get them both with the same gluteus blow.

The IIconics are eliminated.

Carmella knocks Asuka down with a superkick and then beats her in the corner. Asuka counterattacks with a combination of fists, and finally with a kick to the chest dispatches the Princess of Staten Island.

Carmella eliminated.

Naomi tries to help Asuka, who is in a corner receiving all the blows of the ex-Absolution. Tomb Sonya with scissors kick, but when she tries to run to Mandy, she is hunted in the air and both exchanges blow on the periphery of the ring. Mandy tries a lariat but Naomi ends up making her fall.

Mandy Rose eliminated.

Naomi does not have time to take a breath, because Sonya recovers and knocks her down with a kick.

Naomi eliminated.

Asuka and Sonya are the last two. Asuka tries a tie, and both sidestep the opposing attacks until Sonya manages to send Asuka to the ground with a spear. It manages to take it to the peripheral zone, but Asuka with a suplex also manages to take Deville to the edge of the ring, even still being harassed by Mandy Rose. She exchanges blow with Deville, and finally counteracts a knee to make her fall.

Sonya Deville eliminated

Asuka wins the Battle Royal and joins the Titular Combat for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at TLC.


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