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WWE SmackDown Live Review: September 3, 2019

SmackDown Live


WWE SmackDown Live Review: September 3, 2019

We kicked this week’s episode of SmackDown Live off with Bayley who made her normal entrance, walked down the stage, entered the ring and grabbed a mic. She said that even though the fact that she attacked Becky Lynch last night nothing has changed. Bayley explained that since Sasha Banks is her best friend, she showed to be loyal and still wants to be the role model for the fans. And she continued that she will beat “the most selfish person on the roster” and surely meant Charlotte Flair who then came out and joined the SmackDown Women’s Champion in the ring. She answered to Bayley’s statement that she’s the queen of selfishness but “what you see is what you get”.

Banks made her entrance, but then Flair hit Bayley with a forearm. Logically Banks stormed into the ring. The Queen was able to take her down and punched her several times until she got hit from behind with a chair by Bayley. The champ hit her several times with the weapon and then it to Banks who the punished Charlotte with it. The Boss handed it back to Bayley, who hit Flair with it one more time before she threw it down and both stood over Flair in the ring before they headed backstage. It’s pretty interesting to watch what will happen next week on RAW and SmackDown with Bayley and Banks.

Next up was the King of the Ring tournament quarterfinal between Ali and Elias which was a really impressive and intense match. Ali did as always, a great job in selling his opponents moves and Elias also worked well. However, Elias was able to perform the Drift Away and secure the win to go through to the semi-finals in which he would face either Chad Gable or Andrade who would face later that night.

After that, we saw Aleister Black in front of a black backdrop and he said that if the mountain isn’t going to come to him, then he will go to the mountain. Black removed his tie and shirt as he explained that would go to the ring to see if anyone was man enough to fight him.

Next, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross took on the team of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville in a non-title match. Other than you would expect, Rose and Deville were able to pick up the win after they performed their finisher to the Goddess. In light of this, we’ll likely see this match at Clash of Champions for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Following, it was aired that the Undertaker would appear next week on SmackDown and then we saw Gable in the backstage are preparing for his match against Andrade. Samoa Joe bumped into him and stultified him. Then he said that he could tell that these jokes hurt Gable even though he’s heard them all his life. His last words were “good luck, Bilbo” and then he went on.

Randy Orton made his entrance and entered the ring for a promo. He explained that Kofi Kingston has never been on his level. The Viper talked about the “sweet sound of Kofi Kingston’s head bouncing off the floor.” Then a video package was aired which recapped his recent attacks on the New Day. Orton explained that he didn’t want to wait until the PPV and called out the WWE Champion. The New Day theme played, but Kofi came out while he was attacked by The Revival. They threw him into the ring where the trio of Orton, Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson bet him up and the segment was finished with the Revival popping up Kofi and the Viper caught him with an RKO.

Then the second quarterfinal of the KOTR tournament of this night between Gable and Andrade took place. Before the match, Zelina Vega said to Gable that she would believe that he would win this tournament if Andrade wasn’t in it and that it’s no shame to lose to the future King Andrade.

As you would expect, the fight was good since both men are great performers. After about seven minutes, Gable hit Andrade with a Suplex into a bridge and had the pin, but Vega distracted the ref. Just after that, Almas hit his opponent with an elbow and set up for his finisher. However, Gable rolled him up to get away with the victory. Gable will face next week Elias in the semi-finals of the King of the Ring tournament.

Next, Black had a match with Shelton Benjamin. It was over after not even two minutes when Black hit his opponent with a Black Mass Kick and pinned him. Hopefully Aleister Black will get a real feud soon since currently they truly waste his talent.

Then in the backstage, there was utter chaos due to the 24/7 Championship. In the end, Bo Dallas rolled up Drake Maverick to become the new champ.

Next up, Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn headed to the ring where already an unknown opponent already waited for them. Zayn questioned if Nakamura’s opponent’s name was Andrew Howard, but the wrestler shook his head. However, Zayn said it doesn’t matter since Nakamura saw him as the Miz. Nakamura destroyed his opponent while Zayn was ringside and commentated it with a mic in his hand.

Then the B-Team entered the ring and other wrestlers followed them. Curtis Axel helped Dallas to fight off the opponents, but Maverick rolled the champ up to become once more 24/7 Champion. He went to the stage to celebrate this moment, but R-Truth was behind him wearing the KOTR robe on the throne platform. He pinned Maverick to win the WWE 24/7 Title for the 14th time.

The match between Roman Reigns and Erick Rowan at Clash of Champions got hyped before Daniel Bryan headed to the ring. When he entered the ring, he explained that he knows how it looks to everyone else because there’s footage which shows that Rowan attacked Reigns. “I have said the entire time that I had nothing to do with it,” Bryan noted. He added to his statements that people may not like him or his opinion, but no one can call him a liar. He also said that he’s never lied to the fans and once more emphasised that he hates liars. Bryan demanded an apology from the Big Dog. But not just for the Spear from last week or that he accused him of something that he hasn’t done, but especially for calling him a liar.

Reigns made his entrance but suddenly got attacked from behind by Rowan. Then he ran him into the ring steps and slammed him face-first onto the apron. Bryan left the ring and went to Rowan but he pushed him down. He inflicted more pain to Reigns at ringside and then threw him into the ring where he performed his Iron Claw Slam. He picked up the microphone. “You think Daniel did this?” Rowan asked. “Well, the joke’s on you.”

Rowan told Bryan that he’s worse than everyone else. He added that Bryan thinks he can control him, but he isn’t anyone’s puppet. Then he told Bryan to show him what a big man he is by joining him in the ring and slapping him in his face. After that, he explained to Reigns that he’s proud of what he’s done to him but that he’s most proud of the pain which he will inflict to Reigns at Clash of Champions.

Rowan tossed the Big Dog to ringside, followed him and then picked up the ring steps to ran them into the head of Reigns. Then he cleared the broadcast table, but Bryan approached him and asked him what he was doing and noted that he’s his friend. Rowan got slapped by Bryan but then gave him an Iron Claw Slam through the broadcast table. “Nobody tells me what to do,” Rowan shouted. He then stood above Reigns and told him that this was just a taste.

In light of this, it was obviously really Rowan who planned this attack but it’s questionable if there will be another turning point in next week’s SmackDown episode. However, a singles match against Vince McMahon’s favourite man Reigns is a big push for Rowan and we’ll have to wait where the whole storyline is going.


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