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WWE SmackDown Review: December 20, 2019


WWE SmackDown Review: December 20, 2019

WWE SmackDown Review: December 20, 2019 by Felix Pichler

Opening segment

At first, we saw highlights from the match at WWE TLC between the Miz and Bray Wyatt as well of the post-match angle as Daniel Bryan attacked Wyatt. Then, Bryan made his entrance in street clothes. He said that his daughter cried when she saw him without the long hair and facial hair. He added that she didn’t recognize him, but he did.

Bryan noted that he looked in the mirror and saw a man who had to fight, scratch and claw for everything. He recalled Wyatt saying that he would change people and said that he succeeded. Then he called out Wyatt. But instead, the Miz made his entrance. The A-lister said that that what happened to Bryan was awful, but Wyatt would have invaded his home. He said that he would try to take away from Wyatt what matters him the most: The Universal Championship.

Suddenly, King Corbin’s music hit and he came out and talked trash about the Miz and Bryan before he talked about defeating Roman Reigns at TLC. He continued by saying that both men failed as wrestlers and as fathers. However, Dolph Ziggler attacked them from behind and Corbin hit Bryan with the End of Day.

Opinion: Bryan’s promo and points were good while the Miz can’t get away from the “defending my family” stuff. Corbin was ok, but I’m just happy that Reigns wasn’t involved as it was good to see that Corbin talks about someone different trash.

Rating: B-


“Heavy Machinery” Otis and Tucker vs. “The Revival” Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder in a Miracle on 34th Street Fight

Ahead of this match, Otis and Tucker got interviewed in the backstage area. Otis was still not that happy as his ham gift got rejected last week by Sami Zayn. Mandy Rose showed up and said that she would be his Secret Santa. She gave him a ham and kissed him on the cheek before wishing him Merry Christmas.

Otis took his ham with him and placed it on the commentary table. At ringside, there were several gifts, Christmas trees and a table with cookies on it. Logically, they worked with all this stuff as the Revival sent Otis through the table, they threw gifts after each other and so on. After about 12 minutes, the Heavy Machinery performed the Compactor for the win.

Then, we saw Otis in the backstage area who had his ham with him which the Revival threw on the floor during their match. He ran into Rose and Sonya Deville. Deville went away as she had a match. Otis said that she was sorry about the ham and that he shouldn’t have taken it with him at ringside. She told him that it was okay and hugged him. As she pulled away, her dress was full of Otis’ sweat and she walked disgusted off.

After that, the Revival was still in the ring and asked what happened to good old fashion tag team wrestling as they just worked a typical gimmick match. The Elias interrupted them and explained that he would put their frustration into a song. After his funny song, he went backstage as the segment closed and after that, we saw Sami Zayn who approached Braun Strowman in a locker room. Zayn told him that he drew his name for Secret Santa and asked him what he would like. Strowman complaint about Zayn burying the holidays and the Christmas spirit. Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro entered the room and asked if there was a problem. Strowman said that he would want a shot at the Intercontinental Championship as his present. Zayn explained that this wouldn’t be possible since they have a tag team match as they walked off.

Opinion: The match was entertaining and also the little story around Rose and Otis. It’s okay as Heavy Machinery is more of a comedy team while the promo of the Revival after the match sounded more like their real words and opinion. Elias short appearance was good, but I still hope we’ll see him soon with his guitar back in the centre of the ring giving short concerts.

Rating: B-


Carmella vs. Sonya Deville and another promo by Sheamus

It took just about 90 seconds until Carmella applied the Code of Silence and Deville had to tap out.

Then, we got another typical short promo by Sheamus. He said that once great warriors became soft and small. He added that he would be back and that he would be ready to battle for the soul of SmackDown.

Opinion: Not much to say about the fight between Carmella and Deville. Meanwhile, I’m afraid that Sheamus will start a feud with Shorty G as he said that warriors became small. Hopefully, that won’t be the case as Sheamus has in truth the level to compete with greater stars. I like Shorty G and he’s really underrated as his in-ring abilities are awesome, but I don’t think that a feud with Sheamus would let him look good.

Rating: C


SmackDown Tag Champions Big E and Kofi Kingston vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro (w/ Sami Zayn) in a non-title match

All four men delivered a great performance as the match was clearly the highlight of the show this far. Anyways, after about 12 minutes, Cesaro and Kofi Kingston were battling in the centre of the ring and Kofi pinned his opponent with the aid of the Inside Cradle.

After the match, Nakamura, Cesaro and Zayn attacked the New Day. Suddenly, Strowman’s music hit and the Monster Among Men came out and destroyed all three men after one and another.

Backstage, Bryan and the Miz could be seen as the A-Lister thanked Bryan that he saved him at WWE TLC.  Then they discussed who would dislike the other person more before Miz noted that they would have to work together in their tag match against Ziggler and Corbin. The segment closed as the Miz said that after that Wyatt would be his.

Opinion: Solid match between the New Day, and the team of Cesaro and Nakamura. Also, it won’t take that long until we’ll see a match between Nakamura and Strowman for the title. The backstage segment was good, but I’m curious about how Wyatt will be involved in this match.

Rating: A-


SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley (w/ Sasha Banks) vs. Dana Brooke in a non-title match

The match didn’t even take five minutes as then Bayley hit her opponent with a kind of a Facebuster as she did last week. As the match was over, Bayley and Sasha Banks taunted Brooke until Lacey Evans came out and said that Banks would act as a legit bully even though she calls herself a legit boss. She then challenged her for a match and promised to make her a legit looser. So, after a commercial break, Evans and Banks started a match while Brooke as in Evans’ corner and Banks’ had Bayley at ringside. After some minutes, they fought to the ringside where Evans’ husband and daughter sat in the first row. Banks acted as a heel in front of Evans’ daughter who made an angry face and wanted to grab Banks. In the end, both women got counted out and refs had to separate them.

Opinion: I’m still not 100% into this whole storyline and additionally, I’m not such a great fan of Bayley. However, this feud just shows that SmackDown hasn’t got enough high-rated women in their division.

Rating: C


Daniel Bryan and The Miz vs. King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler

They worked throughout the match with the angle that the Miz and Bryan would use similar moves as the A-Lister copied Bryan’s moves years ago. After about 10 minutes what is quite short for a main event, the Miz applied a Figure Four to Ziggler. Bryan performed a Running Knee against Corbin who wanted to help Ziggler. The Miz went up to turn the move into a Figure Eight and Ziggler had to tap out.

After the match, it was announced that next week on SmackDown Corbin, Bryan and the Miz would be in a triple threat match to declare who would face Wyatt at the Royal Rumble. Suddenly, the lightning changed while these three men were lying in the ring and Wyatt’s laugh track played to close the show.

Opinion: A good main event even though it just took 10 minutes. This triple threat match could be quite interesting even though I’m sure that they’ll go with Bryan as the Miz looked way too weak in his match with Wyatt and Corbin will continue his feud with Reigns.

Rating: B



Quite surprising that we didn’t see Reigns in this episode, and I have to admit that I truly missed something that was probably his appearance. This episode of SmackDown was okay, but not more. Nothing special or surprising happened, but it wasn’t that bad. Hopefully, next week’s triple threat match will get enough time, so they can work a great match.

Rating: C+


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