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WWE SmackDown Review: November 29, 2019


WWE SmackDown Review: November 29, 2019

WWE SmackDown Review: November 29, 2019 by Felix Pichler

Opening promo and Roman Reigns vs. Robert Roode (w/ Dolph Ziggler & King Corbin)

We opened the show with Roman Reigns who came out and held a promo in the centre of the ring. He talked about Thanksgiving and worked as a babyface as usual. Then he continued to talk about Survivor Series. He thanked everyone on his team except King Corbin and called him out.

Corbin came out and noted that it would be his fearless leadership which won SmackDown the match at Survivor Series. He added that Reigns would be an egomaniac who wants that the fans believe that he’s a role model. Then, he explained how Thanksgiving would be for a king. After that, he called out Robert Roode who was accompanied by Dolph Ziggler and the match between Roode and Reigns kicked off.

This match was well-worked and Ziggler, as well as Corbin, tried several times to get involved, but Reigns was able to fight them off. In the end, Roode wanted to use Corbin’s sceptre but the Big Dog ducked underneath and then delivered a Spear for the three count. After the match, Ziggler and Corbin tried to attack Reigns who fought both off, then hit a Spear on Roode through the barricade and tipped the broadcast table on the Glorious One as the segment closed.

Opinion: The match itself was good, but the feud between Reigns and Corbin is just horrible. Besides, why the hell did Corbin talked about how Thanksgiving would be for a King. Okay, his gimmick is that he’s a king, but that’s just horrible. Besides, Reigns fought off three quite good single wrestlers at once. That’s even for the Big Dog too much.

Rating: D+


Firefly Fun House and Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak

An episode of the Firefly Fun House started, and Bray Wyatt talked about Thanksgiving. He held up the Universal Championship and said there would be a lot for what he would be thankful. He then asked the fireflies if they want to see him and Daniel Bryan play again, and we heard kids cheering. He noted that he could make all of Bryan’s dreams come true if he lets him in.

Then, we saw Sheamus who was standing in a dark hallway and due to that, we couldn’t see his face. He noted that SmackDown would have been the land of opportunities but now it would be full of misfits and cowards. “A fiend, a king,” Sheamus continues. “And whatever the hell Shorty G is.” The Celtic Warrior stepped into the light and said that SmackDown would be his.

Then we had the match between Ali and Gulak which Ali won after about three minutes after the 450 Splash.

Opinion: There surely has to come more about the Firefly Fun House since they teased permanently that we would see a new puppet. The match between Ali and Gulak and was nothing special and Gulak continues being a joke. However, I’m looking forward to the return of Sheamus. Since Cesaro is currently kind of a partner of Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn, I’m not sure if they put back together the Bar.

Rating: B


Bayley’s and Sasha Banks’s promo

We saw Bryan in the backstage area walking around as he would think about Wyatt’s challenge. Then, Bayley and Banks made their entrance to then hold a promo in which worked as typical heels. Bayley noted that she didn’t lose to Shayna Baszler because she is better. She added that they would have lost their matches since the whole locker room has let them down. Banks continued by saying that her team would have been the weak link. They went through all members of their team and the last one was Lacey Evans. Bayley said that she should spend more time in the ring and less drinking tea on her porch.

Evans came out and said that she would have cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 36 people and added that Bayley and Banks would be too classless to even sit at the table of the kids. She continued by saying that SD would need a leader in style and someone who wouldn’t tap out under pressure and then touched Bayley’s title. Banks got in Evans’ face who hit her with the Women’s Right while the SmackDown Women’s Champion just stood beside and watched.

Opinion: I guess this was now the face turn of Evans? She received quite good chants, but that came a bit out of nowhere and I certainly didn’t expect that she would be the next challenger for the title. Anyways, the segment was good, while in my eyes Banks and Evans both are way better with the mic than Bayley.

Rating: B


Daniel Bryan’s backstage interview

We once more saw Bryan who was in the backstage area and looked like he would be wrapped in thought. Kayla Braxton approached him to ask him about Wyatt. They were next to a TV who then played the Firefly Fun House intro. We saw Huskis who told Wyatt that he ate too much for Thanksgiving. Wyatt talked about the Muscle Man battling the Reptilians who tried to take over the planet.

Then, we saw a kind of a music video in which Wyatt and Huskis did the Muscle Man dance. In the end, Wyatt once more said: “let me in”. Bryan was shown watching this episode without any comment. Braxton once more asked him about this topic, but Bryan didn’t show any emotions or reaction to close this backstage segment.

Opinion: This was a strange segment and surely by far not the best Firefly Fun House episode, but still the best segment of the show so far what is typical when Wyatt appears.

Rating: A-


Nikki Cross vs. Sonya Deville (w/ Mandy Rose) and backstage segments

Before the match kicked off, Mandy Rose took a microphone and said that usually, she wouldn’t make fun of the way people look, but Cross would look like a cold plate of Thanksgiving leftovers. However, Cross won the match against Deville after not even two minutes with an Inside Cradle. After the match, Rose and Deville attacked Cross from behind, but Alexa Bliss came out to save Cross and after that, they shared a hug.

Then, we saw once more Bryan in the backstage area. The Miz approached him and noted that the Fiend would change people when they have matches with him. He added that neither SmackDown nor his family could afford to lose him. Bryan gave Miz an angry look as the A-Lister backed down.

After that, we saw Drake Maverick who held a mistletoe over himself and Dana Brook as he tried to get a kiss. Brook rejected him and suddenly Elias showed up. Brooke asked him where he would have been all the time and he answered that he would have been on a journey. He played a song with his guitar again which he sang that Maverick’s wife would find it out while Brooke danced to the song.

Opinion: Good to see Bliss back, but I think that it won’t take long until she or Cross turn on each other. Besides, the short “promo” or Rose was just completely meaningless.

Anyways, this felt like we saw Bryan for the 100th time in the backstage area. I just hope that the final segment or match of the show will outstanding to explain why they give the feud between him and Wyatt that much attention throughout the whole episode. Besides, it’s also great to finally see Elias back. His songs and segments with the guitar really can help to make SmackDown a better show.

Rating: C+


“The New Day” Big E and Kofi Kingston (C.) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro (w/ Sami Zayn) for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships

Big E and Kofi Kingston made their entrance to talk about Thanksgiving and their open challenge. Sami Zayn, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura came out and positioned themselves on the stage. Zayn talked negative stuff about Black Friday and Thanksgiving to draw heat and then they made their way to the ring to accept the open challenge and Nakamura teamed up with Cesaro to take on the New Day.

All four men showed a great performance and, in the end, Zayn took the platter of pancakes of the New Day and wanted to hit Kingston with it. However, the ref saw it and sent him to the backstage. Cesaro argued with the ref which gave Kingston the chance to hit him with the Trouble in Paradise for the victory.

Opinion: A great match and the ending was also logical. It would have made no sense to take away the titles from the New Day and give them to a team of singles wrestlers who don’t even really are a crew. As already mentioned above, it’ll be interesting to watch if Cesaro will stick with Nakamura and Zayn or if we maybe see the Bar back together.

Rating: B+


The final segment

Bryan came out and entered the ring to hold a promo. He recalled Wyatt’s and Miz’s statements of this night. He added that Miz might be right, but maybe he needed to change. He continued by saying that he was nervous ahead of the match at Survivor Series since he thought that the Fiend would maybe change him. However, in the middle of the match, he felt a change because of the WWE Universe. He recalled saying that the “Yes-Movement” would be dead, but the fans brought it back to life.

He asked the crowd if he should accept and logically the fans answered with “yes”-chants. Bryan joined them but then got interrupted by the intro of the Firefly Fun House which was shown on the big screen. Wyatt was seen on the screen and he said that it was exciting to see Bryan’s new energy. He added that the Miz would be right and that Bryan changed, but that would be fair enough since he helped to build the Funhouse. He added that the Fiend remembers and said that he would be a man of many things and also a man of his words. The screen went black and the lightning in the arena red. The Fiend appeared through a hole in the ring and attacked Bryan. He tried to fight free but had no chance as Wyatt applied the Mandible Claw. He dragged him in the whole and both men disappeared in the ring. Then, the Fiend came back up with two clumps of hair which he placed in the ring. He went back down and came once more up with more clumps of hair. This continued until the Wyatt laugh track played and the show closed.

Opinion: I’m happy that the Yes-Movement is back and the live crowd was also totally hyped up. However, we didn’t see a new puppet and that’s what they advertised for the whole week. So, this was a bit disappointing. Besides, I’m not 100% sure yet what they want to tell us with the clumps of hair, but maybe we’ll see Bryan next week with a new haircut to show his “change”. A good final segment for this show and it also explained why Bryan always seemed to be so wrapped in thought during the whole show.

Rating: A



All in all, this was a quite disappointing episode of SmackDown. The clear highlight continues to be the storyline between Bryan and Wyatt what is okay, but it’s bad enough that my other favourite moments were the returns of Sheamus and Elias. The feud between Corbin and Reigns continues to be horrible while it’s just a matter of time until we see the turn of Bliss or Cross against each other what will be interesting to watch.

Rating: C+


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