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WWE Supercard Presents the Last Man Standing Event


WWE Supercard Presents the Last Man Standing Event

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Credit: 2K

2K and Cat Daddy Games have released details about the Last Man Standing event for WWE SuperCard, a completely new event inspired by the fighting style. The Last Man Standing event starts on Thursday, April 19 and ends on Sunday, April 22, and will be available for all iOS and Android devices for free.

Last Man Standing is a single player event, focused on completing increasingly difficult areas while competing on the scores against other players. To do this, a deck with your 12 best cards in sands of up to 25 cards will be used.

Here is a brief explanation:

  • When you’re in the arena, start by turning the cards around to find a rival. When you find one, you will fight in a fast fight and if you win you will get points. But be careful, if you lose or encounter an obstacle you will lose one of your valuable hearts. If you lose all your hearts the game is over. If you clean the board you will go to the next arena, which will be more challenging than the previous one. In addition, the rewards are distributed by completing arenas, and you will earn more points for victory in the next arena.
  • And another cool thing, every time you win a match. you can choose between entering your points or try your luck to get a streak multiplier. But beware, if you encounter an obstacle or lose against a rival. all those points that you were chaining (and the multiplier) will be lost. Each time you enter points, your position in the markers will be updated and you will take a new step towards the next milestone reward.
  • Do you think you have what it takes to dominate the competition? Well, the scoreboard will show everyone how good you are in Last Man Standing. To win an event card, you’ll have to be high enough on the scoreboard.
  • Achieving a certain rating on the scoreboard will earn you an event card in Last Man Standing. Each band of ratings (up to a specific point) will have an event card with lower power levels. The more you ascend, the better your letter will be!
  • Your event card will reflect your exact position on the scoreboard when Last Man Standing ends. But keep in mind that there are no pros or heroic Last Man Standing event cards. Higher ranks will be stronger than a pro heroic event achieved in Ring Domination or Road to Glory.

Here for more about WWE SuperCard.


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