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WWE TLC Preview: December 15, 2019


WWE TLC Preview: December 15, 2019

WWE TLC Preview: December 15, 2019

These are the matches which are officially confirmed about 12 hours before the actual PPV. However, Vince said that he may add some matches just a few hours before the start of TLC, so we’ll maybe get other matches too which aren’t in this preview.

“The Viking Raiders” Erik and Ivar will issue an open challenge for the Raw Tag Team Champions

Erik and Ivar will issue an open challenge at TLC as they did during the last episode of Raw. Back then, the Street Profits answered it and lost. Due to that, it’s unlikely that we’ll get this match once more. The two other realistic options are either AOP or the OC. AOP would surely win this match to look even stronger besides Seth Rollins. However, the Viking Raiders had such a good build-up that it would make no sense to take the title away from them just now. Even though the OC is “the best tag team in the world” they aren’t champions what is a bit weird. So, it’s also realistic that they challenge Erik and Ivar, but as already said they had such a good build-up and because of that they’ll surely defend their championships.

Prediction: The Viking Raider

 “The New Day” Kofi Kingston and Big E (C.) vs. “The Revival” Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson in Ladder Match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships

We had this match so often within the last time and due to that I’m not really hyped for it. The interesting thing about this match is that we know already for a long time that Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson would want to leave the company. Since the WWE fired within the last few weeks some superstars who wanted to leave, it’s realistic that they could also be away after this PPV. However, maybe they’ll give them the championships to convince them to stay, but that’s not what I expect. I believe that the New Day wins and that the Revival leaves the company.

Prediction: The New Day


Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley in a Tables Match

This is hopefully the match which ends this feud as it’s clearly the worst storyline in all of WWE at the moment (besides King Corbin vs. Roman Reigns). Anyways, Lana will surely also get involved in this match and one thing is clear: If Rusev wins, the feud is over. When Bobby Lashley goes over, it will continue. Due to that, I hope and also expect that the Bulgarian Brute will win this match by sending Lashley and Lana through a table.

Prediction: Rusev


“The Kabuki Warriors” Asuka and Kairi Sane (C.) vs. Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

First of all, just the fact that the Raw Women’s Champion is in a match for the tag titles and that the SmackDown Women’s Champion is in none match on the card, shows me how bad the women’s division of these two brands is. Anyways, the only reason why we’ll maybe see Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair going over is that they want to bring back Becky Two Belts. Anyways, when a real tag team like the Kabuki Warriors fights two singles wrestlers like Lynch a Charlotte, it’s just not realistic to put over the singles wrestlers. Besides, I think that they’ll use this match to show that Asuka and Sane are really the best women’s tag team in WWE.

Prediction: The Kabuki Warriors


Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy

This match has clearly the potential to be the best one of this whole PPV as we have two amazing athletes with interesting characters. It’s not often that we get such a match between two superstars who aren’t at the very top during a PPV. Due to that, I really hope that they’ll receive enough time to perform a good match. However, in the end, I expect Black to go over as he has clearly the potential to go for a title. Besides, I have to add that they did a good job in building up this feud as the two men never had a brawl but just promo segments and matches against other superstars during the weekly episodes of Raw. In light of this, we’ll see it at TLC for the first time that these two fight each other.

Prediction: Aleister Black


Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match

And here is the second-worst storyline in all of WWE at the moment right behind the one between Lashley and Rusev. They worked over several weeks with the let’s call it “Big Dog”-angle and it was horrible. Especially the segment with the person in the dog costume. Anyways, it’s the same as always as the only reason for this feud is to bring Reigns over as an incredibly strong performer. Dolph Ziggler will also be at ringside, but in the end, Reigns will destroy both men to show that SmackDown is his yard.

Prediction: Roman Reigns


“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt (C.) vs. The Miz for the Universal Championship

Even though on the WWE website we just see Bray Wyatt and not the Fiend for this match, it would be a big surprise to see Wyatt himself in this match. We’ll surely see the Fiend in this fight and the Miz will have no real chance. Anyways, the really interesting aspect of this whole match is Daniel Bryan. Will he return and if so, will he be on Wyatt’s side or help the Miz. I expect this match to be the main event and due to that, there must be a big surprise which likely is the appearance of Bryan. No matter on which side he’ll be, the Fiend will still be the Universal Champion after TLC.

Prediction: Bray Wyatt



If we take away the 24/7 Championship as it can be defended anytime and everywhere, we have nine championships on Raw and SmackDown. However, just the three tag titles and the Universal Championship will be defended at this PPV. Neither the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar will appear, nor the two women’s titles will be the defended and also the midcard champs Shinsuke Nakamura and Rey Mysterio won’t be there. That’s the bad thing about this PPV, but on the other side, a great match between Black and Murphy could compensate that all. This PPV has got a lot of potential, but the matches Rusev vs Lashley and Corbin vs Reigns are clearly the ones with the worst storylines and I hope that in both cases this is the final match of this rivalry.


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