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WWE TLC Review: December 15, 2019


WWE TLC Review: December 15, 2019

WWE TLC Review: December 15, 2019 by Felix Pichler

Andrade (w/ Zelina Vega) vs. Humberto Carrillo

This match took place as part of the kickoff-show and it took about 12 minutes. In the end, Andrade once more almost ran into Zelina Vega as he did on Raw. This distraction gave Humberto Carrillo the chance to try a pin, but it was just a nearfall. After that, Andrade went on the top rope, but Carrillo caught him with a reverse Hurcanrana followed by a Moonsault. Then, Carrillo picked up the three count for the win. After the fight, Vega wanted to help Andrade back up to his feet, but he refused and left the ring without her.

Opinion: A perfect match for the kickoff-show as both men had the chance to show their in-ring abilities. On the other side, I’m not sure if it is a good idea to break up Andrade and Vega, but at the moment it totally looks so. However, Vega hasn’t had the chance to show her abilities on the mic until now.

Rating: A


“The New Day” Kofi Kingston and Big E (C.) vs. “The Revival” Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson in Ladder Match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships

Then, the actual show started with the match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. This was maybe the best match of the whole evening as we saw crazy bumps and moves. The fight took almost 20 minutes. Considering this, the four men received enough time to work a great match.

In the end, we had two ladders next to one and another in the centre of the ring. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder were on one ladder and it seemed as they would have the chance to grab a titles. However, Kofi Kingston springboarded onto the second ladder and fought against Wilder and Dawson. Then, Big E climbed a ladder and performed the Big Ending from the ladder against Wilder. Dawson and Kingston continued to fight on the top of the ladders and Kingston slammed the belts against Dawson’s head who then fell down and landed on a (already broken) ladder-bridge. Kofi grabbed the championships to retain them.

Opinion: This was maybe the best match between these two teams which we have ever seen. I’m just happy that they received that much time to perform such an outstanding match and besides it’s surely the right thing to keep the title by the New Day.

Rating: A


Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy was the first one who made his entrance and sat down cross-legged in the centre of the ring. Then, Aleister Black came out to make his typical entrance and then also sat down cross-legged in the ring to face off Murphy what was a great angle.

As the match started, Black instantly went for the Black Mass Kick, but Murphy avoided it by rolling out of the ring. After some time, Black was bleeding out of the nose and it looked as his nose would be broken. In general, the match was as we expected since both men worked mainly with kicks. However, after about 14 minutes, Black delivered a Black Mass Kick for the three count.

Opinion: It was clear that these two would deliver a great match if they receive enough time. Since they had about 14 minutes, they showed us a great match with the expected ending. Considering this, it was the third match of the evening and the third one on a really high level. Anyways, I just hope that Black’s nose is ok and that he doesn’t have to take a injury break.

Rating: A


“The Viking Raiders” Erik and Ivar will issue an open challenge for the Raw Tag Team Champions

Erik and Ivar made their entrance and made an open challenge as they did on Raw. “The OC” Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson answered the challenge and came out with their trophy as they are “The Best Tag Team in the World”. They held a short promo before they had a match for the Raw Tag Team Championships.

At ringside, a table was positioned with several people who ate products from KFC and they showed them on some occasions and the commentators also talked about the KFC-products they had on the table. In the end, both teams got counted out which led to a draw.

After the match, Gallows and Anderson wanted to send Erik through the table at ringside, but Ivar broke it up and then the Viking Raiders put Anderson through the table.

Opinion: Clearly the worst match at this point of the show, the double count-out was a bad ending and the post-match angle didn’t really make it better.

Rating: D


Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match

Before this match, the Miz was interviewed in the backstage area and he said that he moved his wife Maryse and his kids to an undisclosed location until the situation with Bray Wyatt would be over. He added that he would fight tonight as father, husband and a man who is protecting his family.

Then, King Corbin made his typical entrance on a platform and he took a mic to cut a short promo in which he said that Roman Reigns would go on his knees after their match. After that, the Big Dog made his entrance and Corbin sent his guards after him. However, Reigns fought them all off and then the actual match kicked off.

The fight itself was quite entertaining and during the first 15 minutes, Corbin had no support from other superstars. However, then Dolph Ziggler and the Revival came out to help Corbin. The match took over 20 minutes and we saw several big moves like a Samoan Drop against Corbin through a broadcasting table.

Anyways, in the end, Reigns had to eat a Shatter Machine and an End of Days on a chair. This led to a three count and Corbin picked up the win. After that, Corbin, Ziggler and the Revival celebrated together in the ring.

Opinion: I expected that just Ziggler would help Corbin and that Reigns would be able to fight off both. However, since the Revival and Corbin’s security got involved in the match, it was impossible for the Big Dog to win this match. Anyways, it looked like (and the commentators also talked about it) Reigns would have no friends. I can already see how the word locker room leader will play a central role in the upcoming weeks in this rivalry. The match was better as I expected, but the Big Dog once more was so strong that it was too unrealistic.

Rating: B-


Universal Champion Bray Wyatt vs. The Miz in a non-title match

The Miz made as first his usual entrance and then the Firefly Fun House theme played and the “normal” version of Bray Wyatt came out. He played with the live crowd before the match started. The Miz dominated Wyatt and he didn’t seem to want to defend himself or attack the Miz.

After a few minutes, they were at ringside and Wyatt performed Sister Abigail. He went back into the ring and the A-lister almost got counted out but was back in the ring before the ref counted until 10. Back in the ring, the Miz had to take another Sister Abigail and then Wyatt made the three count.

After the match, “the Fiend” appeared on the big screen and Wyatt said “Ok, I’ll do it”. He went to the ringside to get from underneath the ring a giant toy mallet. The lights went out as they always do when the Fiend is about to appear. However, instead, a man with a hoodie appeared and gave Wyatt a Running Knee. The man pulled down the hoodie and it was logically Daniel Bryan with shorter hair and a shorter beard. He continued to attack Wyatt and also performed a second Running Knee. After that, he took the giant mallet and teased to hit Wyatt with it. Suddenly, the lights went out and as they went back on, Wyatt wasn’t in the ring anymore. Bryan’s music hit as he celebrated with the crowd to close the segment.

Opinion: So, WWE wants that we think that the Miz is so weak that he even can’t secure a victory over the sweet version of Wyatt? It was cool to see the return of Bryan, but it’s still horrible what role the Miz has to play in this storyline. I’m also wondering if we see from now on the normal version of Wyatt more often.

Rating: C+


Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley (w/ Lana) in a Tables Match

Logically, Bobby Lashley was accompanied by Lana who was positioned at ringside during the whole match. The two men delivered a hard fight in which they also used weapons. However, after about 13 minutes, Lana entered the ring and jumped on Rusev’s back to distract him. As she hopped off, Lashley hit him with a Spear which should have sent him through a table in the corner, but he didn’t break. So, Lashley went with the Bulgarian Brute to the other corner and sent him with a Suplex through a table which was set up in the corner.

Opinion: I have no big problem with the fact that the final was a botch as they found another way, but Lashley’s win means that this horrible storyline will continue and this is something that almost nobody wants to watch.

Rating: D+


“The Kabuki Warriors” Asuka and Kairi Sane (C.) vs. Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

Ahead of the main event of the show, we saw the Street Profits in the backstage area. Besides them, a brawl broke out including Corbin, Reigns, the Revival, the New Day and other superstars. The Street Profits then joined the brawl.

However, the match between the Kabuki Warriors and the team of Becky Lynch and Charlotte was surprisingly the main event of the evening. The match took 26 minutes what was really long and so we saw several innovative and crazy spots throughout the match. For example, Asuka and Kairi Sane used a rope to tie Lynch to a ladder or Lynch also performed a Leg Drop to put Asuka through a table. Anyways, in the end, there were just Lynch and Asuka left in the ring as Asuka sent Charlotte with a Powerbomb through a table. Lynch gave Asuka several Exploder Suplexes. Due to that, Asuka rolled to the ringside and Lynch climbed up the ladder. However, there was still the rope wrapped around the ladder and Asuka grabbed the rope to pull the ladder over and Lynch fell down. Then, Asuka climbed up to get the championships.

After the match, the backstage brawl between Reigns, Corbin and other superstars found its way into the arena. Corbin and Reigns were then one level above the main floor and the Big Dog delivered a Spear as he and Corbin landed on several wrestlers as the show closed.

Opinion: The main event was great and the four women delivered an absolutely outstanding match. Besides, you have to add that Sane likely suffered a concussion of the brain at some point of this match and due to that, they had to work softer with her. Anyways, the only bad thing about this whole ending was the short segment after the match between Reigns and Corbin as it indeed means that the feud will continue.

Rating: B+



All in all, the match in the kickoff-show as well as the first to matches of the main show were clearly the best ones (the main event was also great). We had no match for a singles title as Wyatt didn’t defend his title, Lynch was in the tag titles match and all other champs didn’t appear. This PPV had its great matches, but also some really dumb fights and endings like the two matches Reigns vs. Corbin and Rusev vs. Lashley as both feuds will continue even though the fans clearly show that they don’t want them anymore.

Rating: C


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