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Xia Brookside will soon Arrive at WWE


Xia Brookside will soon Arrive at WWE

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With the celebration of a second Mae Young Classic in sight, it seems clear that there are new hirings of wrestlers by WWE. Recently, although not to be part of this tournament we talked about Toni Storm. Now, a blue-eyed one could arrive at the company.

We are talking about another fighter who is not clear if she will be part of that competition but who does seem to arrive at the company after having rejected all the dates offered for the summer.

She is Xia Brookside. This is what Dave Meltzer says in the recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

” Xia Brookside canceled her summer tour after having previously asked to be hired for more dates. What is believed is that she goes to WWE or the Mae Young Classic, or both. He told the promotions that he could not give them a reason to cancel. But he said he has a great opportunity this summer. WWE has made it clear that they do not want people to tell anyone about how to get in. ”

The journalist also comments that the fighter has a relative in the company:

” His father, Robbie Brookside who used to partner with Steve Regal ( William Regal) on the independent wrestling scene in England, is a WWE coach .”

He still has not managed to attract too much attention but it is understandable since she is only 18 years old. Even so, she has a good experience. And it has also reached the prestigious Stardom company.

It will be necessary to see if finally the fighter or the company confirmed that they have reached an agreement and if it really will be part of the tournament. But, everything seems to indicate that at least it will reach the Development Center.

About her, it must be said that she is from England and debuted as a valet in 2014 and quickly became a fighter. In June 2016 she won the PWU Women’s Championship from Pro Wrestling Ulster in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


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