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AEW: Four possibilities for their second TV show airing on TNT

AEW Second Show Possibilities


AEW: Four possibilities for their second TV show airing on TNT

All Elite Wrestling has already come a long way since its inception on the 1st of Jan 2019. It has been a rip-roaring success with fans and critics alike. They’ve attracted a consistent viewer base on the TNT Network every week, most importantly in the core 18-49 demographic, smashing TNT’s targets and projections.

On the back of its success, AEW’s TV deal with TNT was extended back in January through to 2023. Part of that deal includes the launch of a second TV show. It was initially reported and heavily speculated that this would be their weekly YouTube show, AEW Dark, repackaged for TV. Until recently, when Cody appeared on Wrestling Observer Radio. Here’s what he had to say when questioned about the second show…

“I think the initial talk was, ‘Oh, it’ll be like Dark, but on another channel.’ I don’t think it’ll be like Dark. I think it’s going to be its own animal and we would want that, we’d want to test ourselves, and this is a test for us, so I think it’ll be something different and maybe, I don’t mean that as a hint, maybe it will go the route of the young, less seen, because we have a lot, it’s hard, our roster is pretty full, and two hours a week, it’s not possible to have everybody on, not everybody plays.”

So, with Dark out of the picture, that begs the question, what could the second TV show possibly be?

The women of All Elite

The women’s division in AEW has been the most criticized thing about the company. Partly due to a small roster, the women of AEW have had a lot less screentime than the men and fewer storylines have been introduced. An all women’s show could be a huge hit with AEW’s audience who are crying out to see more of their incredibly talented female performers such as Riho, Britt Baker, Nyla Rose, Kris Statlander and Big Swole – to name just a few. If this is what they have in mind then the only potential issue would be the size of the women’s roster. Recruitment would be crucial. However, a partnership with a promotion like Stardom or WOW could provide the talent needed.

More blood and guts

Blood and guts certainly haven’t been shied away from in AEW. The Jon Moxley vs. Omega bout at Full Gear was probably the most hardcore, deathmatch style brawl that we’ve seen in the mainstream for a long time, possibly ever. And what a match it was! With CZW originals and indie death match legends on the roster, a hardcore type show could have promise.

Jon Moxley V Kenny Omega - AEW Full Gear

Credit: AEW

Character progression

Something I’d love to personally see on TV and something we haven’t had before is a show that’s purely focused on story and character progression. A show that could bring elements and ideas from Being The Elite and the highly regarded “Road To” series to TNT. With Dynamite being so action-packed each week, character progression behind the scenes is tricky and AEW’s core focus is on the storytelling inside of the ring. With this in mind, if a show like this could be packaged in the right way, developing the character’s and stories we see on Dynamite, it could be a home run!

Highlighting future talent

Probably the most likely out of all these second TV show possibilities, and eluded to by AEW EVP Cody Rhodes, is one that highlights future talent. It could be produced in a similar way to how NXT was when it originally launched, with the stars of the show fighting for a place in the spotlight on Dynamite. A program like this would give AEW the platform to showcase upcoming talent like Anthony Ogogo, while they’re still, somewhat, learning the ropes.

Who doesn’t want more AEW?

AEW ignited my passion for pro wrestling again and hopefully, many other fans will echo this… who doesn’t want more AEW? The second TV show should be launched sometime this year, quenching our ongoing thirst for more hard-hitting wrestling action! What do you think it could be? An idea mentioned in this article or something else entirely? Let us know on Twitter at @mywcnews.


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