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What’s next for AEW’s “Bastard” Pac?


What’s next for AEW’s “Bastard” Pac?

„The Bastard“ Pac was one of the first and biggest signings of AEW over a year ago in January 2019. Since then it was a bit of a rollercoaster ride for Pac as he got some big wins and a lot of attention in some periods while then Pac really was pushed into the background.

The problem for him is that AEW currently has so many big names in their roster and all of them are at the moment in storylines which already go on for quite some time. Due to that, Pac rarely appears on AEW Dynamite and if so, he cuts an aggressive promo in which he provokes Kenny Omega. The bad thing is that Omega’s primary storyline is at the moment the one with Adam “Hangman” Page, their run as AEW World Tag Team Champions and their possible split.

Even though Pac will have an Ironman Match against Omega next week on Dynamite, it’s hard to see it as a real feud since Omega is in truth currently part of another storyline as mentioned above. However, it’s clear that this match will be awesome.

Anyways, Pac showed especially as Cruiserweight Champion back during his time in the WWE that he can be the top man of a show but at the moment he’s quite far away from the title picture since he doesn’t get that much TV time. If AEW plans to bring up a mid-card championship, that would be perfect for “the Bastard” since he is one of the biggest names of the whole company but not among the greatest stars like Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Omega, Cody. Anyways, after the 30 minutes Ironman match against Omega next week on Dynamite, he’ll have to start a new feud to stay relevant until AEW will introduce a mid-card championship.


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