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Will AEW give us the hottest feud in all of wrestling?


Will AEW give us the hottest feud in all of wrestling?

Since AEW has existed, they signed multiple wrestlers who are among the greatest superstars who are currently in the wrestling business. Since they brought in performers from all over the world and from different big companies like WWE, NJPW or Impact and also from the indie scene we already have seen feuds which we never thought we would get to watch. The AEW Champion already had feuds and fights with several superstars like Kenny Omega, Darby Allin, Cody or Scorpio Sky and these were matches which we have never seen before. However, on the AEW Dynamite episode of November 27, they started the build-up for a new feud between Y2J and a new challenger for the AEW Championship.

Jon Moxley is the next!

Jericho lost on the AEW Dynamite show of November 15 a tag team match with Sammy Guevara against SCU and got pinned by Sky. Since the member of SCU was the first one in all of AEW who pinned Jericho, he received a title match for this week’s episode which was also the main event of the show. However, the AEW Champion successfully defended his title as Sky had tap out to the Liontamer and after the celebration of his victory, Y2J once more applied the submission move to punish Sky.

Suddenly, Moxley’s music hit and he was in the crowd. Jericho broke up the hold and they stared at each other. Then the show closed.

Dean Ambrose and Jericho in WWE

I already mentioned above that thanks to AEW we already have seen matches between superstars which seemed to be impossible two years ago. However, in this case, it’s not so as these two superstars already had a feud in the WWE. Back then in 2016, Moxley was known as Dean Ambrose and one of the fan’s favourites, but he hasn’t won a World Championship yet while on the other hand, Jericho already was since 1999 part of the company and one of the biggest names of the WWE.

Throughout the feud, they worked with the typical aspects of both superstars: Ambrose worked as the crazy one while Jericho was the conceited and narcissistic superstar. The also had the first-ever Ambrose Asylum match which ended with a win of Ambrose. This match was for a WWE match really brutal while it seems now harmless compared to the Lights Out match between Omega and Moxley at Full Gear.

Back in 2016, Ambrose also won their second match against Y2J at the PPV Payback and so he went as the winner of this feud into the PPV Money in the Bank where he won the ladder match. He cashed in the contract on the same night to win for the first time the WWE Champion. In light of this, they used the feud against Jericho to let him look strong and push him towards his first WWE Championship.

What to expect from this feud?

Moxley is in general one of the most popular superstars in AEW and besides he bet Omega in their brutal Lights Out match which proved that he is the craziest superstar in all of AEW (maybe except Jimmy Havoc). Many fans wanted to see him going for the AEW Champion and finally, it seems as they would get the feud between him and Jericho.

On the other hand, Jericho still acts like a similar character compared to the one back in the WWE and the same is for Moxley. However, as Jericho noted in an interview which can be watched below, the wrestlers in AEW have more freedom to do what they think is the best.

Due to that, we truly can expect that this feud could be really interesting. We saw within the past weeks that the storylines for both men where brilliant and besides they are also great actors and wrestlers which can sell their rivalries.

Anyways, I’m not sure who will go out as the winner of this feud and if Moxley will be the first one to defeat Jericho for the AEW Championship. We’ll have to wait and see, but two things are clear. Firstly, his feud’s purpose is not to push Moxley as it was back in the WWE since he is already one of the biggest names in AEW. And secondly, we can expect this feud to be entertaining and funny as well. So, I can’t wait for the nest episode of AEW Dynamite.


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