UFC fighter Conor McGregor will miss several months due to injury, however, the Irishman is not expected to remain quiet as he is still keen on performing on Octagon.

Most know how rough he can be although some of his judgments appear to be done intentionally.

Just recently, the 33-year-old wrote a tweet that appeared to be referring to Nurmagomedov’s father, Abdulmanap who has died from COVID 19 one year age.

However, the name was not mentioned, the tweet was believed to be in response to Khabib’s comments after his defeat at UFC 264.

When McGregor was judged unable to continue his fight against Dustin Poirier foolowing to an injury, Nurmagomedov put up on a post that read: “Good always defeats evil. Very happy for you”

Two weeks after that, Conor tweeted: “Covid is good and father is evil?”

That post has since been deleted, however, most of the UFC fans have seen it already.

It will be recalled that Khabbib’s father passed away due to COVID-19 complications in 2020.

It is no secret that McGregor and Nurmagomedov have bad blood between the UFC fighters is well-documented with their fight in UFC 229 three years ago.

Beyond that. McGregor has been aggressive, had verbal attacks to Russian’s familly on several occasions.

There is no doubt that Irishman is a proven commodity. However, sometimes he passes the line.

For most UFC it is all about making money for Connor now it’s different, former BRAVE CF middleweight champion Mohammad Fakhreddine shared his opinion that 33-year-old future in the sport.

As far as Fakhreddine is concerned, a 33-year-old Irish fighter’s heart is not into the sport anymore.

“Conor [McGregor] hasn’t been the same since he fought Floyd [Mayweather]. I think him making way too much money was his offside. He was never the same after that fight. You can tell from the results. He won two out of six? I think him making too much money… at first, he was hungry. I felt that in his mind, he is still a little hungry but his heart doesn’t want it anymore,” Fakhreddine stated.


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