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Three stars in NWA who could become NWA Champion


Three stars in NWA who could become NWA Champion

Since the tail end of last year, the National Wrestling Alliance has forced itself back into the wrestling mainstream since it has launched its own YouTube show, NWA Powerrr. The show has only gone 18 episodes (at the time of writing), and ever since Power has debuted, one guy has been at the top with the 10 Pounds of Gold around his waist, that man is none other than the National Treasure, Nick Aldis. As a person who tunes into NWA on a weekly basis, here are my 3 picks on who can potentially be NWA World Heavyweight Champion in the future.

1. Ricky Starks

Before of tuning into NWA Power for the first time, I was unaware of who Ricky Starks was, but when he first walked out onto the NWA Power set, I automatically took notes of this guy. The guy could talk, the guy had the looks, and he also backed himself up when he stepped into the ring. It was pretty much immediate when I became a huge fan of the self-proclaimed ‘Stroke Daddy’. There are a few reasons why I believe Starks could be NWA World Champion. First off, the World Champ himself, Aldis said Starks was his number 1 draft pick in the whole of professional wrestling today. Secondly, he also took Aldis to a time limit draw on Power, also at the time of writing, Starks is your NWA TV Champion after finishing off Trevor Murdoch in a tournament final to be crowned champion. Also, if Starks wins seven games in a row as TV champ, he will receive a World Heavyweight Championship shot, so who knows what the future holds for the ‘Stroke Daddy’?

2. Eli Drake

Eli Drake has Charisma for days. I feel like you can put Drake anywhere on the card, and you can always rely on him to put in such a great performance. Right now, Drake is one half of your NWA Tag Team Champions alongside The Cowboy, James Storm. Eli is one of the best talkers on the NWA roster right now. Honestly, if and when his Tag Team stint with Storm comes to an end, I would happily love to see Drake make the jump back over to singles competition and challenge for the NWA Championship.

3. Aron Stevens

Formerly known as Damien Sandow to whomever may have watched WWE in the mid 2010’s, when Aron Stevens left WWE, he returned to the indies, wrestling for the likes of TNA and WCPW, before entering the GPB Studios for NWA Power. Since his debut, Stevens has formed a unique partnership with the popular wrestler, Question Mark. Stevens has also become a 3rd Degree National Champion (to give the proper name of the title holder) and is one of, if not the main bad guy, outside of the stable led by the current NWA World Champion, Nick Aldis, which is called, Strictly Business.

So there are my 3 picks on who could potentially become NWA Champion in the future, with NWA only getting better as time goes on, us viewers can only sit back and watch everything unfold in the GPB Studios.


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