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The world of professional wrestling on the threshold of a new war


The world of professional wrestling on the threshold of a new war

A great competition will unfold in the world of professional wrestling between the leading WWE wrestling organization and the new project — AEW (search more information at gambling news page). Last summer AEW got a huge television deal with TNT. WWE, in turn, recently responded with a contract with the USA Network, which began broadcasting the third most important WWE brand called NXT. Already in October 2019, weekly TV shows from AEW and WWE NXT began broadcasting on Wednesdays. The world of professional wrestling is once again entering the threshold of war. Wrestling fans have not seen such a long 18 years, apart from the TNA attempt in 2010. A new war awaits us — a war on Wednesdays.

How can this change the world of professional wrestling?

When in the 90s WCW went to war on WWE, professional wrestling was on the decline, which we see today. Before America launched the war on Mondays, television bosses did not believe in the future of this industry and believed that its best years had passed. The result of the struggle for the viewer in the mid-90s between Nitro from WCW and RAW and from WWE was that the wrestling audience grew three times. The competition was able to attract new fans and return those who have lost interest in these competitions.

Now the story is repeating itself. Many television channels bosses have lost interest in professional wrestling, believing that the MMA business has long supplanted it. Compared to five years earlier, there has been a serious decline in interest in wrestling around the world. Broadcasts are expensive, but there is no great interest as before.
If not for the development of the Internet, professional wrestling would have received an even greater blow in all corners of the planet. If before everyone was eager for local and international television, now wrestling promoters have social networks, YouTube, and streaming services with which you can sell online broadcasts.

Competition has always given rise to progress. Now, with the competition of WWE and AEW, professional wrestling can again gain a new peak of popularity, attract a new audience, and return the old audience, which for various reasons has ceased to get involved in it. Already this fall, fans will see more cool matches and will witness new historical moments. Such hype and hype can help wrestling become popular again.

Vince McMann’s Factor

A separate point is to talk about the owner of WWE, a man who is 74 years old. Information appears on the network that McMann will not interfere with NXT when the brand begins to compete with AEW on Wednesdays. And no matter how much WWE fans love Triple H, we don’t have one hundred percent guarantee that the owner of WWE will not take part in this.

Do not forget that Vince always had the character of a hunter and was always a man with great excitement. Now you cannot be sure that your grandfather will leave NXT and Triple H.H. alone. When Vince meets with any kind of competition that somehow threatens his brainchild, it hurts his ego and sense of greatness. No one would be surprised if it turns out that the NXT’s move to television to compete with AEW on Wednesdays is his initiative. If McMann is said to not watch NXT, why should he suddenly care about the future of this brand? In fact, Vince is launching NXT for meat now. He does not want to get his hands dirty, touching RAW or SmackDown. He will not mind this brand if the war on Wednesdays is lost.

Who will win this war?

Whatever the views of the fans and the audience now — all this is still too subjective. WWE themselves have forced this enmity and are in the position of forwards. But if AEW strengthens its roster by fall and just continues to do its job, I personally have no doubt that they will not experience big problems in the war on Wednesdays. No matter how cool the NXT brand may seem, it is still a thing that many people have come to enjoy in recent years. Fans now need something new, something that they have not been able to observe recently — this is what AEW gives them.

AEW has prospects, a fresh approach, as well as new stars who will have a chance to increase their fan base with such a big television deal.

WWE, on the other hand, has enormous resources and answers with the most powerful roster in the entire history of the organization, but everything will depend on how they use these resources, with which they have problems. It does not matter what size your farm is if you do not know how to use it and if you have absolutely no imagination.


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