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Who Should CM Punk Face If He Returns To The Ring?


Who Should CM Punk Face If He Returns To The Ring?

When the CM Punk theme music hit on WWE Backstage a few weeks ago, the internet began to go crazy at the prospect of the straight edge superstar finally stepping in the ring once again. Undoubtedly we are still a long way away from that potentially happening because of the work that needs to be done to repair that bridge, but it would certainly be best for business if they can get it over the line.

It is worth remembering that the WWE aren’t technically employing Punk to appear on Backstage. Instead, it will be Fox that Punk will be working for. However, whatever changes Fox wanted to make would have been run by the WWE, which means that they could be thawing to the possibility of a return to the ring.

Fans have been asking for Punk for years now, but it would still be something to behold if we are to see him take on another opponent over the coming years. The WWE’s equivalent to the NFL SuperBowl, which is WrestleMania next year, could be the place to do it, but who could we see step up to take on the best in the world?

John Cena

John Cena has been away for a while now, but we should see him again by the time that the show of shows comes around, and who better for Punk to take on than one of his greatest ever rivals?

The two bounced off each other when they were in programmes since they are polar opposites. Cena believed the WWE product and what it was trying to do, while Punk was the anti-establishment hero that was trying to change the product. Cena has been filming a host of movies during his time off, but if the question was asked to return for this feud, then you would imagine he would be back in a flash.

Punk has been away from the action for six years and with that will come a fair bit of ring-rust, but there would be nobody better than Cena to help him through his first match back.

Triple H

This would be the ultimate storyline to come back into for Punk, but whether it could be too close to the bone is a different story. Triple H and Punk fell out when the latter left the WWE and began to press charges, but it is likely that Triple H would do what is best for business and try and get this match to happen if it is something that the fans want, and they do.

The match that these two could put on would be main event worthy, and the bitterness between the two could play an instrumental part in the promos on weekly television. Punk is best on the mic when he is talking about things that he believes in, and he and Triple H face to face would make for unmissable television. This could even be the last Triple H match, and Punk can go back onto newer things such as challenging fellow Paul Heyman guy, Brock Lesnar.

Seth Rollins

The seeds have already been sewn for this potential matchup with Rollins calling Punk out within minutes of his Backstage debut going off-air. Punk never replied to the tweet that was sent by Rollins, but he was asked about it on the following week. He made a small jibe at Rollins by calling him an idiot, before stating that a return to the ring would first require bridges to be rebuilt.

However, it is worth remembering that when he was asked about the issue; he never said no. If Punk is to face an active star, then Rollins would be the choice; especially now he has turned heel, but there are better options for a first match back.


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