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A dream match comes true on NXT: Adam Cole vs. Finn Bálor


A dream match comes true on NXT: Adam Cole vs. Finn Bálor

In the next episode of NXT, we’ll get to see one of the long-awaited dream matches about which we thought that it would take much longer until we will get it. The NXT Champion Adam Cole will put his title on the line against Finn Bálor. However, it’s hard to predict any winner since we have some factors which come into play. But, if you have an idea of who might win, then you should invest your money with wrestling bitcoin casino slots  and claim the winnings when your man triumphs! We’ll now shortly discuss which of these two superstars could go over and why.

Cole stays the undisputed champ

The current NXT Champion is clearly one of the greatest workhorses in all of WWE. When we just have a look at his performances during the weeks ahead of Survivor Series, it’s absolutely incredible. He had several matches on NXT, had to show up on RAW and SmackDown and in the end, he fought in a brutal WarGames match to then defend his title just one night after against Pete Dunne in one of the absolutely best matches of the Survivor Series PPV.

Considering this, even though Cole and his fellows of the Undisputed Era act as heels, the fans love especially him as they see how much he works, trains and performs. He already had major wins during his title reign against likes of Jonny Gargano, Matt Riddle, Daniel Bryan, Pete Dunne and others, but you could maybe say that Bálor is the biggest star against whom he had to defend his title. Due to that, the WWE Universe would see Cole as an even bigger champion when he’s able to defend his title against Bálor. So, they could use the homecomer Bálor to let Cole look like an even better and dangerous star.

However, we also have to mention that we’ll surely see that at least one superstar of the Undisputed Era who will get involved in the title match what logically increases the chance of Cole defending his championship.

The perfect return for Bálor

Back in 2015 and 2016 respectively Bálor held the NXT Championship for 292 days (longest reign until now). In 2016, he got called up to RAW where he shortly after defeated Seth Rollins at the Summerslam 2016 to become the first-ever WWE Universal Champion. However, he got injured in this match why he had to relinquish his title.

After his return from surgery, he performed on RAW and SmackDown until this summer where he had his last match at Summerslam against the current Universal Champion Bray Wyatt. That was his last fight before he made a break and then returned in October to NXT where he is currently part of the NXT roster. You could easily conclude his appearance on NXT until now by saying that he runs around and attacks just everyone and he acts as a heel. He has no alliance and is not friends with any other superstar. Considering that he and Cole are both heels could make the actual match quite interesting as they’ll surely work with that angle.

As already mentioned, Bálor is maybe the biggest star Cole has faced until now and due to that, it would be realistic that they’ll give the title to Bálor. Anyways, I was a bit surprised that he won the triple threat match (to declare the new number one contender) during the last NXT episode against Keith Lee and Tommaso Ciampa since within the last weeks they focused more on the feud between Cole and Ciampa.

Anyways, Bálor hasn’t lost a match since his return to NXT and could continue his run by defeating Cole for the NXT Champion. Until now, Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura are the only two superstars who have had two title reigns with the NXT Championship, but maybe this will change next Wednesday. Anyways, no matter how this match will end, there is no doubt that these two amazing athletes will deliver an awesome match.


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