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A wrestling baby boom on the horizon?


A wrestling baby boom on the horizon?

With the news of WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch relinquishing her championship and announcing that she is expecting her first child along with Raw superstar Seth Rollins. We ask are we about to enter a Wrestling Baby Boom?

Whilst Lynch announcing her pregnancy she is not the first to announce one this year. The Bella Twins have also announced recently that they are both expecting little ones later this year. Brie Bella is expecting her second child with Daniel Bryan and of course, The Miz and Maryse have had two children over the last couple of years.  

With rumours relationships within the WWE locker room it’s only natural that couples will want to start a family. So in the near future, we could see such couples as Natalya and Tyson Kidd, Lana and Rusev, Montez Ford and Bianca Balair, Adam Cole and Britt Baker, Charlotte and Andrade, Aleister Black and Zelina Vega and Naomi and Jimmy Uso all start having families.

This would obviously lead to time off for the female superstars but also the male superstars as they could take time off to spend valuable time with their newborn.

This could drastically change the product as we see it today with many superstars taking time off and some never return. This would create new opportunities for some of the newer superstars arriving on the scene. With the era of social media and reality tv, this is a bigger deal than ever for superstars as they can document and engage with fans over this aspect of their lives. This can create a fan base outside of wrestling which the Bella Twins have been able to achieve. 

Stories and time off due to this might become around more as time goes on. What makes us more excited is the prospect of all the matches and possibilities that could potentially follow in 25 years if some of the children would become wrestlers like their parents. The Miz and Daniel Bryan in the corners of their daughters match for the women’s championship is a possibility of continuing their ever-evolving storyline from the first season of NXT. 

With all of this said though, Wrestling is second in comparison to starting a family and we wish Becky Lynch, The Bella twins and everyone a happy and healthy future with whatever the future may bring. 


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