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Bobby Lashley and Lana against Rusev: The worst feud in WWE at the moment?


Bobby Lashley and Lana against Rusev: The worst feud in WWE at the moment?

One of the feuds which take now already for a long time is clearly the one about Rusev, Lana and Bobby Lashley. We not often see storylines which permanently include more than two performers (except for feuds between tag teams), but in this case, we always need all three people to show up. This rivalry already goes for some weeks and gets a lot of attention while the WWE Universe doesn’t necessarily like it.

Summary of the story

During the episode of RAW of the 30 September Rusev had a match against Seth Rollins who was back then the Universal Champion. However, the match wasn’t over yet, but Lashley’s entrance theme played and he came out to pose on the ramp. Rusev looked confused since it wasn’t clear what Lashley wanted from him. However, then Rusev’s wife Lana also came out and they started kissing each other on the stage. The segment closed as the lights went out and “the Fiend” attacked the other competitor of the match, Seth Rollins.

This episode was broadcasted more than two months ago and since then we have a feud between Rusev and let’s call it the new couple Lashley and Lana. Throughout this feud, the fans were sorry for Rusev and he acted as a face what earned him often “RusevDay”-chants. On the other side, Lana and Lashley always receive boos. However, we’re still waiting for a match at a PPV which could be the end of this feud or anything similar to have a kind of a winner or a solution. It’s also no match for the PPV TLC confirmed, but we’ll likely see one.

My and the WWE Universe’s opinion

Personally, I just want this feud to end since it’s just ridiculous and already takes way too long. Due to the storyline, Rusev is currently over like rarely before while the other two are hated by the WWE Universe. Because of that, it would make no sense to put Rusev and Lana back together. However, I also can’t really imagine that they let Lana permanently be Lashley’s manager, but Lana needs someone at her side to be relevant. Anyways, they also waste Lashley’s talent and character since he has in truth the level to go for the WWE Championship.

As already mentioned, the good aspect of this horrible storyline is that Rusev is over with the crowd:

However, many other fans agree that they just have enough of this storyline and show it on Twitter:

All in all, it will be interesting to watch when and how this whole storyline will end, but one thing is clear: the majority of the WWE Universe will cheer when it is finally over.


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