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CM Punk – will we see him back in a WWE ring?


CM Punk – will we see him back in a WWE ring?

The whole wrestling world went crazy as CM Punk showed up during the latest episode of WWE Backstage on 12 November. Since his departure from WWE in 2014, he wrote comic books, had two UFC fights and played in several movies as an actor. We will now briefly discuss the reasons for his return and what it could bring for the future.

Horrible TV ratings

CM Punk appeared during the last moments of the fourth episode of WWE Backstage on 12 November. There were a lot of rumours within the last couple of months that Punk was at a try-out for the show, but nobody ever officially confirmed that he would be part of the team for the new show of WWE. However, at the end of the last episode, he came out and said into the camera: “It’s as simple as this: They think they have the answers, I change the culture. I’ll see you here next week.”

With that statement, Punk referred to the rumours which occurred during the last month and most of them said that he wouldn’t become a part of WWE Backstage. So, from now on he’ll be a regular part of the team of WWE Backstage besides Renee Young and Booker T. Even though nobody will ever officially confirm it, one reason for his return is surely the bad TV ratings of the show. For example, the episode on 5 November, so the last one before Punk’s return, just 49k people watched the show. That’s a frustrating value for WWE and FOX. Considering this, FOX saw that they would have to change something and brought in CM Punk for this show.

Back in the ring?

Of course, this return was the greatest wrestling news of the last week. The fans shared their excitement on Twitter and other social media platforms, but also wrestlers like Seth Rollins reacted to the appearance of Punk on the new show on FOX Sports 1.

And as a logical consequence, a lot of people hope that we’ll get to see him back in the ring. For example, against the Beastslayer Rollins. However, there are two aspects which clearly contradict that. Firstly, Punk has a contract with FOX and not with the WWE and more importantly, he said several times within the last couple of months that he’s not interested in returning into a wrestling ring.

However, as a part of the WWE Backstage team, he has to talk about what happened on RAW, SmackDown, NXT or even NXT UK. To do so, he has to watch all the weekly episodes of the shows which he surely hasn’t done in recent time. Maybe he’s getting more interested into the wrestling again when he watches so much of it and due to that, he wants to get back in the ring. We’ll see if it develops like that. Anyways, the clear majority of the WWE Universe would absolutely love to see him back in the ring.

Final thoughts

One aspect which I haven’t mentioned yet is that through him WWE Backstage will surely get more interesting and also will draw more viewers what the plan of FOX was. Punk is usually someone who just says what he thinks and doesn’t only stick to the prescribed text (I just say the word pipe bomb). This could make the show really interesting. Anyways, I’m sure that he, Renee Young and Booker T harmonise together. We’ll have to wait and watch how he acts on WWE Backstage and if it is realistic to see him back in the ring.


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