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CM Punk’s first appearance on WWE Backstage since his return


CM Punk’s first appearance on WWE Backstage since his return

This Tuesday night CM Punk was for the first time a regular part of the new show WWE Backstage. After making his shocking return at the end of last week’s episode the whole wrestling community went crazy and everybody looked forward to how he’ll act in this week’s episode. We will now quickly discuss his appearance in the latest episode of November 19.

The interview with long-awaited questions

The host of this show Renee Young interviewed Punk for about 10 minutes and asked exactly that questions which the wrestling fans wanted her to say. She asked the 41-years-old how it comes that he would return to the world of wrestling. He noted that this job wouldn’t have existed six months ago and that he’s now in a position in which he could criticize the product without having the fear that he could get fired. He added that he always has criticized the product and that was what made him so popular. However, he can’t get fired since he is in a contract with FOX and not WWE. He noted this several times throughout the whole show. However, that’s exactly what makes the show so interesting because of his appearance on it since Punk can and will say what he thinks about what WWE does.

The second big question which Young asked was if he would ever return back in a WWE ring. He once more noted that he has got a contract with FOX and not WWE. However, he said that you can never say never. Considering this, Young concluded it that way that it’s not realistic at the moment, but it’s a “never say never situation”.

In the final moments of the interview, Punk was asked what he would think about the WWE product at the moment since he hasn’t watched wrestling for the last six years. He said that it could be so much better, but also noted that he’s a fan of the women’s division, but also noted that he doesn’t like the forced women’s revolution. “Let the women be the women,” Punk added. “And they’ll show you why the kick ass.” He went on by saying that he also likes the NXT stuff since he sees himself in it.

All in all, a very interesting interview in which Punk underlined several times that he would have a contract with FOX and not the WWE. The fact that the 42-years-old just says what he thinks is the greatest reason why this show could really become interesting. Anyways, you also have to add that Young and Punk really harmonize together, and they seem to be a good team. The same counts for Booker T and Paige and all four together really work well together as we saw later in the show.

Advice for Seth Rollins and a promo

In another segment, Punk and Young talked about Rollins. Before they did so, we saw a video package which showed fans at Friday’s SmackDown episode who talked about the return of CM Punk. All the people said how excited they were about his appearance on WWE Backstage. “The wrestling world doesn’t just want you,” one fan said for example. “It needs you!”

Then Young and Punk talked about Rollins who tweeted this after Punk’s return last week on WWE Backstage:

The two-time Money in the Bank winner said two times during this segment that the Beastslayer should stop tweeting. Besides, Young asked him what he would think about Roman Reigns and then started to talk about “the Shield Guys”. Punk then asked her which one of “the Shield Guys” she would like the most. This was really funny since Jon Moxley (former known as Dean Ambrose in the WWE) is Young’s husband. Punk laughed prankfully, but Young solved the situation by grinning and saying that she would like all of them. So, we already had in the first segment after the interview a situation in which Punk showed why this show could become really interesting and funny due to him. We then also had the Promo School segment which wasn’t that interesting.

But at the end of the show, Booker T, Punk, Young, Paige and the special guest Ember Moon were in the centre of the ring and they showed a tweet from Tom Arnold who shot against Punk who then had to hold a promo which took about one minute. Even though it was just for fun, Punk proved in this promo that he still got. “Go and search for relevance somewhere else Seth. I mean Tom” were his final words as he shot against Rollins. The three women went crazy and Booker T just had to laugh. This promo was really great. “Did you hear that. He said Seth,” Booker T noted. “He tried to get back in the ring.” Punk just had to laugh about it and said that it would be in his contract that he could do what he wants.

To put it in a nutshell, Punks first appearance on WWE Backstage since his shocking return was really funny. I just went through my personal highlights and we won’t have such a kind of a review every week, but this episode was just really interesting and I’m looking forward to the upcoming episodes.


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