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Four ways Jeff Hardy can return to WWE programming


Four ways Jeff Hardy can return to WWE programming

Jeff Hardy is undoubtedly one of the most popular WWE superstars in history. The North Carolina born man has been a revolutionary in the business, changing the way people think about high-flying wrestling.

His recent appearance on WWE backstage didn’t drop too many hints about what he will do when he returns to action. But it was a positive that the younger Hardy boy has put his demons behind and is mentally ready to get back to doing what he does best.

But with the WWE card currently stacked with quality talent, it will be tough to find something for Jeff. He himself has said that the company is finding the ‘creative’ direction for him and he’ll be back once that is sorted. Yet, the professional tipsters are shortening the odds on some kind of return. Here we look at some storylines that might be meant for the Charismatic Engima.

The Seth Rollins-Kevin Owens angle

Seth Rollins’ new ‘Monday Night Messiah’ gimmick has been doing well lately. Tied up with Buddy Murphy and AOP, he has been feuding with Kevin Owens and the Viking Raiders. They have been indulging in battles recently, as Murphy and Rollins dropped the title to Street Profits this past week on Raw.

But Samoa Joe was recently part of this feud and was on Owens’ side on a regular basis. But the former TNA man is currently suspended due to violation of the company’s wellness policy. This has left a slot in the feud open. Jeff is a face by nature and would make sure that Owens and Viking Raiders don’t get overpowered. A surprise return in this regard for Hardy will go down very well, considering he has never worked in a storyline with Owens, AOP, Viking Raiders and Murphy before. It’s certainly a narrative that would get the asian sports bookmakers excited with all the potential outcomes.

The Randy Orton angle

Randy Orton seems to have gone into psycho mode once again. He’s been destroying whoever has come in his way, without giving reasoning for it. It started with the returning Edge, went from Matt Hardy and Beth Phoenix became his latest victim. The common pattern is something Matt talked about- the growing up of the Hardy Boys and Edge and Christian together.

Jeff Hardy falls right into that bracket. He has had a lot of legendary matches with Orton in the past with the latest one coming at Hell in the Cell 2018. They could renew their rivalry over Edge and feud before the Rated R Superstar returns before Wrestlemania. Hardy can help Edge beat Orton at Wrestlemania and carry the feud forward with Orton.

Ricochet/Allister Black

While Black does have a feud with AJ Styles going on, it has been rumoured that Styles will face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. As for Ricochet, he was in a squash match with Brock Lesnar at SuperShowdown and lost to Riddick Moss in a 24/7 title match on Raw. It is clear that he is probably in the lowest spot ever since he came to the main roster.

Both Black and Ricochet have been compared to Hardy himself because of their wrestling style and personas. Both of them need a push higher up the card and a match with Hardy will help them do that. A 20-minute match at Wrestlemania could result in a loss for Jeff and push the youngsters. It won’t be a downer for Jeff and will help both parties.

Intercontinental title picture

Jeff is a four-time Intercontinental Champion and had a reign as the United States Champion in 2018. That had ended with Shinsuke Nakamura beating Hardy in acrimonious circumstances. Both had moved on to different things, with Jeff moving onto the WWE title picture. But there was a feeling that something was always incomplete in what was a dream match for many.

Nakamura is facing Braun Strowman at Elimination Chamber- a feud that is seen as a potential Wrestlemania match. But there seems to be little attention being paid to it. Getting Hardy to return in it and add the element of excitement to it. It will be exciting for fans and Jeff will be part of a title picture- like he was before succumbing to the injury.

Jeff can lose the match but it will be key to a potential higher push for Nakamura or Strowman. They need it more than many others in the company.

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