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Is 2019 the year of Keith Lee?


Is 2019 the year of Keith Lee?

Keith Lee is surely one of the superstars in WWE who had as Adam Cole said during last week’s episode of NXT a “November to remember”. He was one of the men who were in the WarGames match and also part of the NXT team for Survivor Series just one day after. However, the year 2019 wasn’t just filled with great moments for Lee.

The year 2019 until now

On 27 February Lee battled Dominik Dijakovic as it was planned that these two should have a feud which should go over several weeks. However, the match ended in a double count-out and just about one week later it was announced that Lee would have suffered and injury. So, the NXT fans had to wait for the continuation of this rivalry. Anyways, Dijakovic suffered in May a knee injury which meant that it would take even longer until we would get a rematch.

However, in August they had a fight which Dijakovic won. The fact of how amazing these two big men worked together was really memorable. Since the NXT Universe loved this matchup, we saw in September another fight between them which ended with a win for Lee. Considering this, at this stage, we had three outstanding matches between the two wrestlers over several months and each man had one win and we had one draw. Due to that, these two big men faced each other a fourth time in October. However, the winner of this match would get the opportunity to face Roderick Strong for the NXT North American Championship just one week later. However, Strong attacked both men during their match and due to that William Regal announced that we would get a triple threat match between Strong, Lee and Dijakovic for the North American title.

Even though Strong won this fight, the other two men once more showed an outstanding match. Additionally, this was the begin of a feud between the Undisputed Era and a group of wrestlers. The group of wrestlers always consisted of Tommaso Ciampa and Lee while at first also Matt Riddle was a part of but later the Original Bro got replaced by Dijakovic. So, Lee and his former rival were on the same page against the UE. Lee was a member of Ciampa’s team for the WarGames match against the UE in which he performed great and his team even won as Ciampa pinned Adam Cole.

However, just one night later he was part of the NXT team at Survivor Series in the traditional Survivor Series Elimination match. Besides, he was even the last member of NXT in this match as there were just Roman Reigns for SmackDown, Seth Rollins for RAW and Lee for NXT left. From fighting against injuries in March to standing in the ring with the two biggest stars of the company in one of the greatest matches in all of WWE in November. Furthermore, he even pinned Rollins to eliminate him and it seemed as he could also beat Reigns, but in the end, he was defeated by the Big Dog as the two wrestlers shared a fist bump after the match.

Anyways, the upward spiral hasn’t stopped there for Lee as he continued to partner up with Dijakovic and Ciampa within the last two weeks. Last week, he and Dijakovic challenged the UE for the NXT Tag Team Championships, but they lost. Furthermore, in this week’s episode, Ciampa joined the team to fight all three currently fit members of the UE Cole, Strong and Kyle O’Reilly. In the end, Lee pinned the NXT Champion Cole which led to Regal’s announcement that in the upcoming episode of NXT we will get to see a triple threat match between Lee, Ciampa and Finn Balor to declare who would face Cole on 18 December for the NXT Championship.

What’s still to come?

Looking at Lee’s year of 2019 we especially saw the improvement of his status within the last couple of weeks. With Ciampa and Balor, he’ll face the two biggest stars who are currently part of NXT (besides NXT Champion Cole). This just shows on which level Lee competes at the moment.

In general, he’s clearly the underdog in this match since he’s the only one of these three men who hasn’t held the NXT Championship yet. However, NXT is always good for a surprise and even when he’s not the winner of this number one contender match, it’s pretty likely that sooner or later he will have a title around his waist.



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