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Seth Rollins’ heel turn and the AOP


Seth Rollins’ heel turn and the AOP

We have at the moment a few feuds which get a lot of attention in the WWE. The Fiend vs Daniel Bryan (and the Miz), Roman Reigns vs Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Lana vs Rusev or AJ Styles vs Randy Orton. However, another new storyline which is also really interesting is the one around Seth Rollins. We’ll now shortly discuss what happened within the last few weeks and what could be next for the Beast Slayer.

Survivor Series as the turning point or was it even earlier?

Rollins is clearly besides Reigns one part of the two big faces of the company. After the split of the Shield in 2014, these two men and Dean Ambrose (who is now wrestling as Jon Moxley at AEW) started a great singles career. Rollins held until the start of 2019 two times the WWE Championship. This year, he won the WWE Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. He lost the title at Extreme Rules as Lesnar cashed in his Money in the Bank contract, however, the Architect was able to win the title back at the Summerslam.

Next, was his feud against “the Fiend” Bray Wyatt. Until then, Rollins was clearly one of the biggest babyfaces in the whole company and the fans loved him. Especially as he brought back the title into the shows as Lesnar almost never appears on the weekly episodes of RAW. Anyways, the Fiend was and still is with the fans over like almost no other superstar and due that they wanted to see him taking the title away from Rollins. Their first match against each other at Hell in a Cell won Rollins and was one of the most controversial matches in WWE history. However, at the PPV Crown Jewel, the Fiend bet Rollins for the Universal Title and the fans were happy about that. Rollins was still one of the top faces, but the fans didn’t love him that much as they have done earlier this year.

At Survivor Series, Rollins was the captain of Team RAW in the traditional Survivor Series Match. SmackDown won this fight, but the clear winners of this whole PPV were the superstars of NXT as they destroyed RAW and SmackDown. The RAW episode which took place one night after Survivor Series opened with a promo by Rollins in which he said that he and the whole locker room sucked at Survivor Series. This was also the moment in which they worked with the angle that Rollins wouldn’t be the leader of the locker room anymore. Besides, we saw the beginning of the storyline around him, Kevin Owens and AOP as AOP attacked in every episode since then KO who blamed Rollins for telling AOP that they should do so. In this week’s episode, they revealed that Akam and Rezar are the new men at the side of Rollins. This was also the actual heel turn of Rollins. It’s hard to say if the real turning point for Rollins was the loss against the Fiend at Crown Jewel or the PPV Survivor Series. Anyways, he’s now acting as a heel and has the AOP in his back.

What’s next for him?

Since he has the AOP on his side it reminds me a bit about his run with the Authority in 2014 as back then different men like Kane, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble also had his back. However, Akam and Rezar are compared to these men really dangerous and had on NXT an incredibly good build-up. Due to that, this new stable looks really strong.

The big question is now what will be next for Rollins and his new stable? Even though it’s not officially confirmed yet, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if we’ll see a match between Rollins and Owens at this week’s PPV TLC. Anyways, I’m quite sure that they’ll continue to work with this feud between KO and the Architect.

On the other side, it’s hard to predict what Rollins will do after the end of the rivalry with Owens. I wouldn’t make any sense to put him in another match against Lesnar for the WWE Championship as the fans wouldn’t want to see this match once more and besides both are heels. However, they need to give him a title as soon as possible since it would immediately push the level and prestige of the new stable. In light of this, Rollins will maybe go for the United States Championship of Rey Mysterio or what could also be interesting is a feud between Rollins and AOP against the OC, but we’ll have to wait and see what’s the plan of WWE with their new stable.


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