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Three male wrestlers who receive not enough attention in WWE


Three male wrestlers who receive not enough attention in WWE

Squash matches happened within the last months again more regular on WWE and especially on Raw, we saw sometimes more than five of them per episode. In these matches, we mostly see fights between wrestlers who currently get a big push against performers who are past their prime (like Eric Young or Shelton Benjamin) or superstars for whom the creatives of WWE just have no plans or ideas. We’ll now look shortly at three superstars in WWE who get neither good storylines nor any meaningful matches even though they have incredible potential. In this piece, we’ll just focus on male wrestlers and look at female performers or tag teams in a different article.

Cedric Alexander

When you think about men in the WWE who get from time to time a bit of attention to then get buried again, Cedric Alexander is likely one of the first who comes to your mind. Last year, when Paul Heyman took over Raw, he received a little push and picked up some wins. However, now he’s once more in no-mans land and they put him in matches where the only goal is to put his opponent over.

However, he already proved that he can be on the top as he held the (NXT) Cruiserweight Championship for 181 days and won it at WrestleMania 34 as he defeated Mustafa Ali in an awesome match. In general, Alexander showed great matches in his time in the WWE, but still, the creatives have at the moment no idea what they should do with him.


Ethan Carter III (short EC3) already had a run in the WWE between 2009 and 2013 but then left to become one of the biggest stars of Impact Wrestling. Anyways, as he then returned to WWE in 2018 to become part of NXT, the fans were excited and expected him to be one of the biggest stars of NXT.

However, his greatest achievement in this show was that he was part of the six-man ladder match in which the first-ever NXT North American Champion got crowned which Adam Cole won. Even though his standing in NXT wasn’t incredible, he got drafted to Raw during the Superstar Shake-up in April 2019. Also, since then he never received really a lot of attention and it seems as he would leave WWE to maybe join AEW. His greatest accomplishment in the WWE since his return is that he won four times the WWE 24/7 Championship which he always lost in the same night again.  Anyways, he showed during his time at Impact and also in the early phase after hiss return what an incredible performer he is, but I guess that we’ll see this soon in AEW.

Mustafa Ali

As already mentioned in this piece, Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander fought at WrestleMania 34 for the vacant Cruiserweight Championship which then Alexander won. Even though this match was part of the kick-off show, it was one of the best matches of the whole night as both men are great athletes. However, Ali never one any championship during his time in the WWE what is really disappointing.

He has the same problem as Alexander as he sometimes gets more attention for some weeks but then no TV appearance for a long time as WWE has no plan what they want to do with him. While EC3 will likely leave the company, I hope that Alexander and Ali will get better storylines within the future.


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