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Top 10: WWE Tag Teams of the 2010’s


Top 10: WWE Tag Teams of the 2010’s

During the 2010’s, the tag team scene in the World of WWE was good for the majority of the decade. There were good tag teams and there were bad teams. For every Uso’s, there was a Hunico and Camacho, and for every New Day, there was a Rybaxel. But in this article, I’ll be focusing on the Top 10 things that WWE have produced within the Tag Division from 2010 to 2019.

10. Team Hell No

Team Hell No was a team that I wouldn’t expect to see in this list due to there being other teams who did greater than them during the decade. Plus, this got the more laid-back version of Kane. This makes me feel bad seeing Kane in this run because I’m so used to seeing Kane as the Devils Favourite Demon, coming out to Slow Chemical and literally demolishing any person that dares to cross the big guy. There are others who could have filled this role rather than Kane but it did show the contrast between both members of the team, and in my eyes, the last stop for Daniel Bryan becoming the main event player that he ended up becoming. From the Anger Management sessions with Doctor Shelby to being Tag Champs for 245 days, Team Hell No claims the Number 10 spot to this list.

9. American Alpha

Oh, American Alpha. As much as I loved them, it hurts me to rank them this low for a couple reasons. The way they ended up splitting to a potential match up that I believe that the WWE Universe was robbed of in the form of Alpha vs DIY. Even though I have my reasons for ranking them so low, let me explain to you why American Alpha are on this list. Comprised of two Amateur level wrestlers, American Alpha managed to go on and have one of the best Tag Matches in NXT history alongside Revival at NXT Takeover: Dallas. Not just that but they became a 1x NXT Tag Champions and 1x SD Tag Champions. Literally, whatever words I used to try and describe American Alpha will always be an understatement to just how great they truly were.

8. The Bar

The Bar, the formation of the team would be really weird to most fans, but it made sense. Two European heavyweights, in Sheamus and Cesaro, going head to head with one another in a best of seven series set up by Raw GM, at the time, Mick Foley, ended up with each member getting three wins apiece and the 7th match being a draw, the two men were paired together and tore the tag division apart. Even though they are an history making team, the Bar didn’t really have the high quality matches like a few teams later on in the list, even though they had a great series alongside the Uso’s and New Day. The 4 time Raw Tag Champs and one time SD Tag Champs battered and bruised the tag division no matter what show they ended up on.

7. The Wyatt Family

Harper and Rowan had their best run under the Wyatt Name. The Wyatts as a whole was great. Wars against The New Day and The Shield were some of the best things on the card whenever the teams faced off against each other and that was due to the unique characters that was the Wyatt Family.

6. The Shield

The stable that propelled three future WWE champions. The Shield debuted during the Main Event of Survivor Series 2012 and even since created chaos for whoever wanted a piece of the Shield. They had classic matches against the likes of The Uso’s, Wyatt Family, New Day, Evolution and whatever team decided to show up. From the debut at Survivor Series to the Seth Rollins split, the Shield remained one of the best tag teams of the 2010’s.

5. Undisputed Era

Even though this team formed the latest than everyone on this list, it is one of the best teams of NXT history and the best stable in the promotions history as well. Winning multiple tag titles and all four members competing for the gold at different stages, not having any bad tag team matches and fighting within War Games goes to prove why the Undisputed Era goes down as one of the best teams, not just in NXT, but in WWE in the 2010’s.

4. The Revival

The Mechanics, Wilder and Dawson, The Revival. You’re bound to know one of the names. Whatever name you know them by, you know that they have been one of the best tag teams in WWE in a while. The Revival have literally revived the old school feel of Tag Team Wrestling. Capturing NXT, SD and Raw tag gold, The Revival have put on classics against the likes of American Alpha and having the best tag match in the 2010’s against DIY (NXT Takeover: Toronto).

3. The New Day

Generating a veteran into a world champion, becoming the longest reigning tag champions ever and having multiple tag team title reigns, the New Day have literally went up against the best of the best and are still growing strong. We will only see them getting stronger as time goes on as they have a strong brotherhood that keeps them close-knit. Their colourful, vibrant personalities and tag team classics really go a long way with the crowd no matter what show they’re on…let’s just hope one day we’ll see them face another trio across the pond in AEW.

2. The Usos

The longest performing Tag Team on this list, the Usos have one of the best Tag Team Matches in recent history going two on two against The New Day at the Hell In A Cell Pay Per View back in 2017. Not only do the Usos put in top quality matches whenever the occasion rises, they also switched up their style in recent times going from the face-painted brothers who danced before every match to supporting a new style of character and their catchphrase, ‘Down Since Day One-ish’.

1. DIY

Johnny Gargano. Tomasso Ciampa. Two men who have really put themselves out on the NXT Tag Team division, had an infectious energy that everyone could get along with, no matter if it was against the AOP, the Revival, other teams at the time who were in the tag division, they were bound to get at least a decent match when they went up with DIY. The former NXT Tag Champs have the greatest NXT tag matches against the Revival in Toronto, when both Revival members tap and the crowd goes ballistic, you can’t help but receive goosebumps. Ever since Ciampa turned on Johnny Gargano, both men have become NXT Champion and Gargano has also become North American Champion. They reunited in January of 2020 to face Moustache Mountain at Worlds Collide.

So ladies and gentlemen, here I presented to you my top 10 Tag Teams from the 2010’s WWE. In my opinion, all 10 teams were great in their respective runs, and let’s hope the 2020’s give us another generation of top tier tag teams.


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