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What does Tyson Fury’s victory mean for WWE?


What does Tyson Fury’s victory mean for WWE?

The fight between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury was surely one of the greatest sports events of the year as the undefeated champion Wilder took on the “Gypsy King”. Ahead of this big rematch, Fury said that he would beat Wilder by KO in the first or second round. Even though it didn’t go down that way, Fury was able to beat his opponent in the seventh by a technical knockout as Wilder’s coaches threw the white towel in the ring. Ahead of that, the “Bronze Bomber” already went down twice, bled out of his left ear and looked like he couldn’t carry on much longer. Fury showed a great performance to win this fight, but what does this mean for the WWE?

Fury had his first match in WWE against Braun Strowman at the WWE’s PPV Crown Jewel which he won after a count-out. Even though the Gypsy King had not that much wrestling training ahead of it, he showed a quite good performance. However, after that, he appeared one more time on SmackDown and then WWE wanted to wait and see how the fight between Fury and Wilder would be. That’s understandable since they couldn’t present him in WWE as an incredible athlete if he lost this match clearly.

Now, as the Gypsy King showed off an amazing performance and due to that, you can expect that Fury will appear once more in WWE this year or in 2021. As he reportedly earned $15 million for this one fight against Strowman, it’s quite likely that he will return for a show in Saudi Arabia.


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