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What Match Could Main Event WrestleMania?


What Match Could Main Event WrestleMania?

The show that the whole wrestling world stops to watch is fast approaching, but ahead of April’s WrestleMania, we examine what matches could potentially take centre stage.

Last year’s event was headlined for the first time ever by the women, as Becky Lynch defeated Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair in a triple threat match. But, it is expected that the men will headline this year’s event and there are a number of different matchups that could whet the appetite.

Roman Reigns vs The Fiend

The favourite to win the upcoming Royal Rumble match is Roman Reigns, and that has led to rumours that these two superstars could come face to face at Mania. The Fiend is easily one of the most unique superstars on the current roster, and the prospect of Reigns ending his title run could be too much for some fans.

Reigns has constantly been shoved down the throats of fans, but he has enjoyed a stellar run since returning. He has been kept out of the title picture to ensure that the WWE Universe aren’t frustrated, but that could end at Mania. Bray Wyatt is one of the best superstars on the current roster, but there are still factors surrounding his character that will need to be ironed out at some point.

The glaring red light during his matches is an annoyance to fans, and Seth Rollins even admitted in a recent interview that he wasn’t a fan of competing in the darkness. These two superstars could tell a captivating story, but whether that will be enough to keep fans engaged remains to be seen.

Seth Rollins vs CM Punk

The internet went crazy when it was revealed that CM Punk was returning to weekly WWE television. However, it wasn’t in the way that many had hoped as he would just be an expert on the WWE Backstage show. Since his return, Rollins has been teasing Punk on social media and has been asking for this match to be made.

It remains to be seen whether the WWE and Punk can come to terms on a possible return for the former champion as so much was said during their bitter falling out. Punk has refused to rule out a return to the ring, but whether it happens could be a different story. It is something that all fans would love to see, and it may be a case of Vince McMahon swallowing his pride to give the universe what it wants for the biggest show of the year.

Roman Reigns vs The Rock

This has a lot of different variants that will depend on whether it can actually happen. The biggest of which would revolve around the dedication of The Rock to get involved in a match again. Many believed that the second match against John Cena would be his last foray into competitive competition, but maybe he could be tempted out once again for a match against Reigns to headline the show.

The match itself would be carried by Reigns, with The Rock presumably suffering from ring-rust. However, there is no doubt that it would as entertaining as watching free livestream of horse racing.

A storyline between these two superstars would gain mainstream attention, which would certainly appeal to McMahon, as that is something he tries to get for every show. However, whether the fans really care about seeing this match instead of a bout between Rollins and Punk is unlikely.

The Rock is an icon in the industry, but his movie schedule is now ridiculous to the point that this match looks almost impossible to make it happen.


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