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What’s next for Brock Lesnar?


What’s next for Brock Lesnar?

What’s next for Brock Lesnar?

On the premiere of Friday Night SmackDown on FOX on 4 October, Brock Lesnar bet Kofi Kingston after a few seconds to become the new WWE Champion. Since then he defended his title two times and considering this, he’s still the champ. However, the big question is what will be next for the Beast?

The last weeks

Kingston won the main title of SmackDown at WrestleMania 35 to win the WWE Championship for the first time in his whole career. The fans loved the storyline around him as he was always the clear underdog and almost nobody thought that he would win the championship from Daniel Bryan. However, he did so and held the title for 180 days before he put it on the line against Lesnar in the main event of the first on FOX broadcasted episode of SmackDown.

Anyways, it took the Beast just one F5 to put Kingston away and win the title for the fifth time in his career. After the match, Cain Velasquez came out to attack Lesnar and take revenge for Rey Mysterio and his son Dominick as the Beast attacked both men just a few days earlier on RAW. Out of that attack, a feud emerged which led to a match between Velasquez and Lesnar for the WWE Championship at Crown Jewel. Since Velasquez wasn’t 100% fit, the match was very short and the Beast forced his opponent to tap out to the Kimura Lock. After the fight, Mysterio attacked Lesnar with a steel chair.

This action by Rey was the start of the build-up for a match between him and Lesnar at Survivor Series. Meanwhile, Bray Wyatt got drafted to SmackDown and won the Universal Championship from Seth Rollins (RAW). Due to that, both main titles were on SmackDown and the shifted the WWE Championship together with Lesnar to RAW. Anyways, he defeated Mysterio at Survivor Series to once more defend his title.

Any real threat?

The interesting aspect is that it’s rumoured that Lesnar won’t have a fight at TLC but will have his next match at the Royal Rumble. This PPV will take place on 26 January and considering this we won’t see another title match between Lesnar and a challenger in 2019. The big question is now which RAW superstar has at the moment the level to challenge Lesnar for the title and look like a serious contender.

Rollins had a feud with the Beast in this year and they also had several matches. Besides, it seems as they currently plan with him a big heel turn. Considering these two aspects, he surely won’t challenge Lesnar within the next time.

Even though it seemed as Mysterio wouldn’t have got his full revenge, he won the WWE United States Championship on the last episode of RAW and considering this, it looks like the feud between him and Lesnar is over for the moment.

Bobby Lashley and Rusev are in a big rivalry with one and another which doesn’t seem to be over very soon. Due to that, none of these two will be able to challenge the Beast within the next weeks. Meanwhile, Ricochet is one edge of being ready for challenging for the main title, but Lesnar would bury him at this stage and due to that we won’t see this match at the Royal Rumble 2020.

However, all other superstars are far away from being on the level to challenge Lesnar except for five men: Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, AJ Styles and Drew McIntyre. Samoa Joe is currently out due to a thumb injury and said on WWE Backstage on 12 November that it would take him a few more weeks and then he’ll be back. This can be seen below. However, it’s not officially confirmed when exactly he’ll return and besides to that, it’s not that likely that he would come back and instantly go for the WWE Championships. But never say never.

Then, Owens seems to be part of the storyline of the heel turn of Rollins, but probably we’ll find out more in this night’s episode of RAW. Then we just have Orton, Styles and McIntyre left. Orton and Styles seemed to have the start of a feud during last week’s episode of RAW as the Viper cost Styles the U.S. Championship. Considering this, it’s unlikely that one of them will be the next in the line for the tile.

However, then there is just one name left: Drew McIntyre. Before his injury which he suffered a few months ago, he was pushed to one of the most dangerous men in all of WWE. Since his return from the injury, he had good matches and moments, but not yet another that big push. Maybe he’ll get it within the next weeks to then look strong ahead of his match against Lesnar. However, since the Beast won’t appear on any show within the next weeks, anything can happen in the meantime and maybe we’ll see something completely different.


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