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Where will the recently cut WWE stars land?


Where will the recently cut WWE stars land?

WWE cut a remarkably large number of professionals last week and a lot of them had been a surprise for followers of the WWE as well as the people involved. As of date, there is no news as to whether any of them are returning but the news has caused shockwaves nevertheless.

WWE literally cleaned house with a mass exodus of talented superstars across Raw, SmackDown and NXT. Some might think of it as a disaster, while others will surely be looking at it as an opportunity to take their talents to other professional wrestling organisations. Some of you might take to online Casinos in anticipation of the next season of the WWE, and why not? However, people who have registered themselves with Gamstop might find it a little harder as there aren’t many Casinos left who aren’t on the Gamstop list. To make matters simple, here is a list of casinos without Gamstop restrictions. These will surely come in handy if you’re looking to pass your time in the offseason. The axed wrestlers however, would be looking to sign contracts with other organisations as soon as possible. Here are some big-name predictions for you.


Essential Character 3, more commonly known as EC3 has been getting tons of attention after his recent tweets about how he wants to control his future on “his terms”. Reports suggest that EC3 might sign for NWA, having already been a part of their discussions in 2018. AEW would also be in contention for his signature, as Chris Jericho had hinted back in February that EC3 is bound for the AEW in the near future. AEW superstars are being paid well but the talented EC3 has plenty of boxes to check before finalising a move.

Zack Ryder

Ryder’s lengthy tenure with the WWE has finally come to an end. He won the Raw Tag Team Championship with his partner Curt Hawkins at Wrestlemania 35. Both him and Curt have been sparingly used by Raw ever since. It is speculated that Ryder might sign with AEW. However, for his own benefit, it would best suit him if he restarted his career as a solo act and not team up with Hawkins. They have been an amazing partnership, but Ryder needs to go solo this time if he wants to fulfil his potential. He might not be a world champion candidate, but Ryder is surely good enough for a mid-card roster, or higher if he plays his cards right.

Mike and Maria Kanellis

The wrestling power couple were released earlier this week, and boasting an impressive record of having worked for almost every major professional wrestling organisation, will find it easier than most to land another job. The couple made the most of everything that was thrown their way, including a weak storyline. Even though they might be hot property right now, there aren’t a lot of organisations who are willing to cash in on couples just yet, but only time will tell.

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