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Why the Revival should leave the WWE


Why the Revival should leave the WWE


The fact that Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder aren’t really happy in the WWE is no secret anymore. However, the company didn’t want to let them go during the last few months as they did with many other superstars. Anyways, within the last weeks, several superstars like Sin Cara and, Konnor and Viktor from the Ascension left the WWE and due to that it looks at the moment more likely than ever that the Revival would have the chance to leave the WWE. Now, we’ll go through some points about why they should leave the company.

The prestige of the whole tag team division

The standing of the tag teams in the WWE isn’t as good as it was in the past. No team has long runs with the titles, we often see two singles wrestlers who team up once or twice to win the championships (for example Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins) and tag teams are more there for the comedy than the actual wrestling. Besides, the Revival is a good example that tag teams are way too often used as sidemen of singles wrestlers. Within the last couple of months, Dawson and Wilder once teamed up for some weeks with Shane McMahon, then with Randy Orton and now with Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler. There was never a real storyline behind that, but Vince wanted that the above-mentioned superstars would have some heels by their side and then they decided to pick the Revival.

However, the Revival and the New Day proved at TLC that tag teams aren’t just there to protect singles wrestlers or for fun segments as they blew the rooftop off with their incredible performance in their ladder match.

No good title runs

As already mentioned, the tag team championships change hands way too often. Back in 2018, Cesaro and Sheamus were the last ones ho held the SmackDown Tag Team Championships for more than 100 days. On the other side, the New Day was the last team who held the Raw Tag Team Championships for more than 100 days from 2015 until 2016. In light of this, you see that the titles change quite often and, for example, the Revival held until now the Raw Tag Team Championships two times (55 days and 49 days) and the SmackDown Championship once for 54 days. So, you see that their title runs weren’t that long too.

Other companies

Considering all these points, you sometimes have the feeling that the WWE doesn’t really value their tag teams and also don’t give them the tv time and storylines which they deserve. However, WWE didn’t want to let superstars go as they were afraid that they could join their great rivals All Elite Wrestling. I think that their fear is quite realistic as the Revival would really fit into AEW since there the tag teams get much more attention and the wrestlers can use their own ideas in the storylines. When we just think about the segment of the Revival when they shaved each other’s back, we know that something like that would never happen to them in AEW. Here is a video of the mentioned segment from a few months ago:

The alternative?

Anyways, there is still another option for the Revival when they can’t leave the WWE and join another company, but they are unhappy on SmackDown and Raw: NXT. Back then before their call-up in 2017, they had maybe the best time of their career in NXT. Furthermore, for example, Finn Bálor showed that it is possible and can be a good idea to go back to NXT to make some kind of reboot. Considering this, maybe we’ll see Wilder and Dawson in a few weeks back on NXT fighting Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish for the NXT Tag Team Championship. Maybe that’s just a dream of mine, but it’s also possible that it will become reality.


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