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WWE’s greatest venues


WWE’s greatest venues

Of course, when we think about the most iconic venues and arenas in which shows of the WWE took place, then Maddison Square Garden is surely the one which comes first to our mind. The Garden was the place where the first-ever WrestleMania took place and also since then WWE hosted there several great shows including WrestleMania X and WrestleMania XX.

However, in this article, we look at three events which were hosted in arguably the greatest venues in the history of WWE, with each having huge attendance figures. Then you can decide how they compare to some of the world’s biggest venues for other sports according to Betway.

Comparison to other sport events

First of all, before we look at three amazing buildings and the according WrestleMania show, you have to consider that WWE has one great advantage compared to other sports since their main requirement is that they have enough space in the centre of the arena where the can build up the ring, the stage and all the other stuff. On the other side, sports like football, rugby, American football or baseball need a certain pitch. On the other side, the other sport clubs have their own arenas while WWE hosts every show in a different place and needs to look when they can get which venue.

However, when we look at the biggest stadiums on this planet for different sports, there are buildings within this list who have a capacity over 100.000 like, for example, the Michigan Stadium (107,601). When we look at WrestleMania, we had between 2009 and 2019 on average 86,517 spectators per year.

MetLife Stadium

WrestleMania XXIX in 2013, as well as last year’s WrestleMania, took place in the MetLife Stadium. In 2013, there were 80,676 people while last year 82,265 fans were in the venue when we saw the first-ever Women’s Main Event when Becky Lynch defeated Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey to become Becky2Belts! With 82,265 people, it was last year the third-highest value of spectators in the history of WWE.

Pontiac Silverdome

Now, the outstanding fact about this one is that WrestleMania III in 1987 took place in the Pontiac Silverdome and 93,173 fans were in the arena. Then, it took 29 years until the record was broken by the third venue in this list at which we look in a few. Back then in 1987, the second-biggest venue in the history of the WWE, saw in the main event  André the Giant taking on the champ Hulk Hogan for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship.

AT&T Stadium 

And then there is WrestleMania 32 which was the only event in the history of WWE when more than 100,000 people were in the arena and due to that the final one in the list of the greatest venues. 101,763 fans saw in 2016 how Roman Reigns bet Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This was clearly one of the matches of which led to the fact that the fans hate how Vince McMahon permanently tries to bring over Reigns.


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