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WWE’s Masterplan For The Fiend


WWE’s Masterplan For The Fiend

At Crown Jewel, “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt shocked the WWE Universe when he rose from an explosion delivered the Mandible Claw and a vicious Sister Abigail to Seth Rollins on the concrete to capture the Universal Championship.


There is a ton of buzz surrounding the finish of the falls-count-anywhere match stating that WWE rights a wrong by putting the title on The Fiend. Almost as much buzz after the horrendous Hell in a Cell match three weeks ago. What if this was WWE’s masterplan all the time to have the WWE Universe shit on the main event only to make the shocking title change in Saudi Arabia?

If you’re scratching your head give me a minute to explain my theory. So, with all the competition between WWE and AEW it actually makes a lot of sense for WWE to sacrifice the ending of the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view fully aware that they were going to make Wyatt the champion three weeks later.

Bad buzz is still buzz folks and three weeks afterwards everyone was still talking about the trainwreck of a match Seth Rollins and The Fiend was.  Perhaps, this was exactly what WWE was banking on happening? Even more importantly, it would also fully explain why after the rematch was announced Rollins and Wyatt were kept apart until Thursday. Why else would they not book “The Fiend” attack Rollins on the Go-Home-Show for Crown Jewel?

Before you question if WWE is creative enough to pull off something this brilliant let me remind you who is head of the creative writing team for both Raw and Friday Night SmackDown: Paul Heyman. Let’s not forget all the rumours that were spread stating that Vince McMahon was laughing hysterically at the fan reaction from Hell in a Cell. Perhaps, the brilliant CEO of WWE knew exactly what he was doing holding out on making the title change in Saudi Arabia.


Now with The Fiend as the Universal Champion after being drafted to SmackDown it creates another huge wave of buzz surrounding what happens to the Raw brand without a heavyweight championship on the roster? What does it mean about the Rollins/Wyatt rivalry, is it over or will they have another go around? Does Wyatt begin a new program with a SmackDown superstar with the Universal Championship on the line? Hopefully, we will have our questions answered within the next days.

Once again with back-to-back pay-per-views WWE has gained a huge amount of suspense and intrigue surrounding this odd situation. I’m completely stoked about this storyline development with The Fiend as the Universal Champion and what it means going forward for both brands. It’s better to keep the WWE Universe on their toes when they think they know what’s going to happen next!


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