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WWE is quite nostalgic for a number of people


WWE is quite nostalgic for a number of people

WWE has long been a part of my childhood, and although I may not be actively watching wrestling anymore, it is still a huge part of my childhood. Of course, I will probably not recognize any of the participants today, but the nostalgia value is immense. I used to watch WWE during the days of the Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, John Cena, Rey Mysterio and Kane, to name just a few. I can still recall trying to imitate the Rock’s eyebrow-wag, or Steve Austin’s entrance with the beer cans where he spat almost all of the beer out into the crowd, every time, after crashing the cans together. I, of course, attempted this with water, apart from one time when we tried it with soda cans, to the effect that the entire living room was doused in soda. I got quite an earful from my parents that day…

Anyway, as I was saying,  WWE was a huge part of my entertainment while growing up. Of course, like every other kid, I used to think it was all real, until my dreams were cruelly shattered when I found out that it was all scripted. Also, where I live, the events would be broadcast with a lag of about a week, and so everything would already be on the internet by the time the show came about on TV. That was another reason why I thought it was all scripted – it was posted on the internet before it came on the TV! Regardless, I would watch almost every day – my favourite wrestler was the Undertaker, by far. I can still copy his eye-roll, and absolutely loved his entrance and how it as designed to strike fear into the audience and his opponent. Randy Orton was the villain, and oh how I hated him. The tag-team combo that was D-Generation X would be cheered on vociferously by me, while Rey Mysterio was the cool underdog who I always wanted to win. The PPV events were a special treat, with the Royal Rumble a particular favourite – who doesn’t like up to twenty wrestlers in one ring, all trying to toss each other out? Cage matches and Hell in a Cell used to be headline occurrences for me, and I would drop everything to sit and watch those matches even while my parents fretted that all this exposure to violence would turn me onto the ‘wrong’ path in life. Thankfully, nothing of the sort happened, and I was only left with happy memories. Another great memory is of the wrestling trading cards, which we would play with for hours. I had ended up memorizing the stats of almost all the wrestlers on those cards, and I probably have a box of them around here somewhere. These days, I get my fix from having a look once in a while on betting apps to see if any of my old favourites are still around – Appmodo review about Bet365 app is particularly good and I recommend it to all wrestling fans out there if they want to have a punt.


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