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Bayley and her Damage CTRL crew used Monday night’s Raw to send a forceful message to Raw women’s champion Bianca Belair, with Extreme Rules less than a week away.

Damage CTRL had two wins by the end of the night and brutalised Belair to close the show.

Bayley closed the event by standing atop a ladder with Belair’s title belt, sending a final message.

Candice LeRae was defeated by Dakota Kai via pinfall following a roll-up. Kai was able to score the pin because Bayley interfered.

As Bianca Belair and Bayley signed their contracts for their ladder match at Extreme Rules, Damage CTRL launched an attack.

While the two ladies were battling, a video of Dakota Kai and IYO SKY attacking Asuka and Alexa Bliss backstage appeared on the Tron.

Bayley attacked while Belair was distracted. Belair eventually managed to push Bayley into the ring apron before fleeing backstage, where an enraged Bliss gazed into the camera and challenged SKY to a match later that night.

IYO SKY defeated Alexa Bliss via pinfall following a moonsault. Bayley interfered again at ringside to set up the finish. Belair attempted to make the save, but Bayley and Kai threw the champion onto the ring steps before the conclusion.

Belair tried to save Bliss again after the match but Damage CTRL assaulted her with a ladder from behind. Asuka limped to the ring with a kendo staff but was also knocked out before the gang encased Bliss in a ladder and kicked it shut.

After brutalising Belair even more, Bayley won the Raw women’s championship and went to the top of the ladder to close the event.

This was an excellent week for Damage CTRL to appear as threatening as ever.

A pair of significant wins that demonstrated the group’s ability to utilise their numbers to tip the scales in their favour, a brilliant lead up to an ambush, and the show’s ending violence did an excellent job of establishing that the three ladies may have control of the division.

The action now shifts to Extreme Rules, where Bayley and Belair are almost certain to put on a show-stopping ladder match.


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